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So, I’ve been wandering around the house for the last hour trying to figure out what the hell was the matter with my story and it finally dawned on me and I said, “Conflict! I need more conflict.”

To which my husband responded, “Okay. We could argue, I guess.”

Sometimes he tries too hard to be helpful.

0 thoughts on “Trying to finish this damn book…

  1. Awesome!

    Mine picked up my WIP yesterday and started filling in the scene where hero impresses heroine with his math knowledge because she thinks he's just a big dumb mountain of muscles. (I was planning to pick hubby's math brain at a later date.)

  2. What a sweetie. At least he didn't sound too eager to argue!

  3. Tess Grant says:

    Made me laugh out loud. I love helpful men.

  4. Leslie B says:

    That's so funny and so like a man! Love it.

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