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So it’s October 25th and I’ve got six days to make six costumes. Yep…right on schedule for the sewing frenzy (the next one will be scheduled the week before Christmas)

Today it’s the Goth Gypsy for one of my daycare kids.
Tomorrow Wendy and Tinker Bell for my sister-in-law and niece.
Saturday a dwarf (unfortunately not the Snow White kind – we’re looking at a LOTR type dwarf) for my youngest son.
Sunday will be some freaky anime creature for my oldest son.
Monday will be a vampire princess for one of my other daycare kids.

Some of these will probably take a bit longer, so at least I’ve got some wiggle room. Of course, my youngest son wants a matching costum for his raggedy, stuffed kitty he carries everywhere. In the last few years, kitty has been a pirate, Spidercat, a jawa and a miner.

So – is anyone else making costumes? If you have kids or grandkids, what are they going to be for Halloween. What about you guys – anyone dressing up?

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  1. Last night, we had The Next Iron Chef (me in turtleneck, jeans, apron, spatula, and wooden spoon…and the middle pocket was great for holding masks and camera!), Ballerina (Ariel), Spiderman (Jaevon), Farmer (Will…plaid flannel shirt and overalls), and two teens who were dressed as…Teenagers! What else?

  2. We don’t do Halloween in Oz. It’s considered an ‘American thing.’ One year some kids tried it in the neighbourhood – of course no one had anything prepared for them so they never tried it again…it died due to lack of interest

  3. Anny Cook says:

    I scrounged up the stuff to send to my granddaughters. They’re gonna be gypsy girls. Nanna was the one with the scarves and dangling earrings, right? So I stuffed it all in a box and sent it off. They were thrilled.

  4. Brynn Paulin says:

    Why oh why do you do this to yourself??? I’m going and buying costumes on Saturday.

  5. (Trying to picture a goth gypsy…. Nope, not getting a picture.)I always like to see what the most popular costume is. Last year was pirates. Year before that was Harry Potter…I just got back from the halloween party, and it looks like Spider-man is big for the boys this year. I saw three tiny girls dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I never thought that would be so popular. But Target sells the shoes so maybe it was a case of the tail wagging the dog. Kid just had to have the shoes, and Mom said okay, but only if you wear them for halloween.

  6. I swear, my kids starting talking about what they’d wear for Halloween about the middle of July. And why, oh why, didn’t they ever chose something I could buy? No, it had to be a fish, or a dead prom queen. Oy. Cherish these days, they’ll be over soon enough.

  7. Kelly Kirch says:

    Nah. Too much work. I hand the squids a couple of rolls of tin foil and some tape, point them to the boxes in the garage, admonishe them not to chop off a finger. My part? Well if they must explain the costume, I provide a brief synosis and storyline of the character. 🙂 See. I can be a kind and caring Mom.

  8. Caley Greene says:

    I was supposed to sew a Confederate Soldier Costume for my nephew — but he’s doing the GI Joe thing instead — we have the Confed. Soldier next year. Mine is going as a sheet – I mean ghost – and I’ll be going in something from the Ren Faire because I couldn’t figure out how I wanted the Grecian/Minoan thing to go and the colors – and there is the time factor — midterms get in the way of everything.

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