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Since, I just got back from a road trip to our annual writers retreat to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I feel pretty well equipped to write this post. And it helps that I keep a running packing list on my phone, so I usually don’t forget stuff.

In no particular order, these are my top ten road tip essentials.

10.) Phone, tablet and chargers. Yes, this is technically three items, but they all go together to prevent me from getting lost. Or bored. I hate being both of these things.

9.) Portable craft project. Usually knitting or cross stitch. That whole hate being bored thing? I really mean it.

8.) Notebooks and pens. I never know when a story idea is going to strike. It’s best to be prepared. If it’s a long trip, I’ll often bring my laptop, too.

7.) Sunglasses, contact stuff, glasses, and eyedrops.TBH, I’m mostly blind, so I’d be screwed without this stuff.

6.) Lip balm. This is a huge necessity. I’ll admit, I’m addicted to the stuff. In addition to keeping tubes by my computer, sewing machine, bed, and in the bathroom, there are always at least three tubes in my purse, a couple more in my computer bag, and at least one in my craft bag. Yeah…I may have a little problem.

5.) Water and iced tea. I don’t get in the car without either of these things. I’m always thirsty. Especially if I’m traveling.

4.) Sunscreen. I need the SPV Vampire variety. I even burn through car windows and the windshield. It suuuuuccckkks.

3.) Music. I need to be able to sing (loudly and dramatically) on a road trip.

2.) Inhaler. This is one of those don’t leave home without it things. Because asthma is stupid.

1.) Allergy pills, ibuprofen, and Adderall. Gotta be prepared.

What are your must-haves for taking a road trip. Be sure to check out Jess and Kris‘ lists, too.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten: Road Trip Essentials

  1. Kris Norris says:

    Okay, you are way more prepared than I am, lol. Hence, Jess gifting me a notebook. Great list… and yes sunscreen. How did I forget that… oh, maybe because I also forgot to pack it. Should have added bug repellent too… 😀

  2. Pansy Petal says:

    It has been a while since I took a road trip and the last one wasn’t for a fun reason. But, I need audio books. I cannot read or craft in a moving vehicle. Nope! Not good. But audio . . . Oh yes. My go to is usually The Dresden Files because James Marsters. Otherwise, liked the list.

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