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As always, these will be in no particular order.

10.) Sleep. I’m always down for a nap.

9.) Peruse Etsy for stuff I absolutely don’t need.

8.) Read. I always need more time for that.

7.) Work on one of my many bazillions of craft projects.

6.) Watch an episode of something on my TBW list.

5.) Clean. (hahahahahahahahayeahright)

4.) Make phone calls I’ve been putting off.

3.) Repaint my toes.

2.) Dink around on social media.

1.) Browse Pinterest for pics of Aidan Turner and/or new recipes for supper. But let’s be honest. If I only have an hour, pics of Aidan Turner are gonna win. What? The fam can eat grilled cheese again. It won’t kill them…

I think I’m the only one who blogged this week, so I don’t have any links for you. But, if I’m wrong, I’ll edit the post. 🙂

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