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Soooooooooooooo many things make me cranky. And I’m sure there will be a bunch that I forget. But, let’s do this. As usual, these are in no particular order.

10.) Hall and Oates and Journey in general and  Phil Collins’ “Invisible Touch” and “Sussidio” in particular. The 80s brought some good things to music. This shit wasn’t it.

9.) Bra-ditions. The unmitigated awfulness of having to audition new bras after your favorite has been discontinued.

8.) Shopping of any kind. Unless it’s like at a Ren Faire or Etsy. Maybe a fabric or craft store. But literally fuck any other kind of shopping. Especially grocery shopping.

7.) The sound of loud engines–cars, trucks, motorcycles. And NASCAR, especially NASCAR.

6.) Never getting any alone time. That’s not a euphemism for anything. I just get super cranky and depressed when I never get time alone to recharge my introvert batteries.

5.) Not getting enough sleep. I’m soooooooo cranky if I’m overtired. And if I’m super tired, cranky quickly slides into what my husband refers to as slangry. It’s like hangry, but it’s sleepy and angry.

4.) Vaguebooking. Say it or don’t. I mean, I get that sometimes, you have to have a place to vent and maybe what you can’t fully talk about things yet. But I’m talking about those posts that are purposely written to be vague so people clamor to ask what’s wrong and then information is doled out dramatically a little at a time.

3.) One-upping and, it’s fraternal twin, one-downing. I think we all know someone who, no matter what awesome thing someone is sharing has to top the other person’s news whether it’s their accomplishment or that of someone they know. One-downing is the other person we all know who, when you’re sharing something terrible that happened, has to top it with something even worse, that happened to them or a loved one, and let you know that their tragedy was soooooooo much more significant and important than the current recent awfulness in your life.

Now, I’m not talking about the natural sharing that goes on when people try to let each other know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re facing. That’s more of a supportive thing. The kind of one-downers I’m talking about are the people who act like bad shit happening to someone is some sort of competition in which they’re going to win a crown for being the most put-upon soul in all the land. She with the most sympathy wins…I guess…?

2.) Entitlement. Entitlement of any kind makes me stabby. Now, I’m not talking about things like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, or the ability to make our own choices in life. I’m talking about people who feel that they have a right to things that don’t belong to them and that they haven’t worked for. For instance, I don’t have a right to the sales numbers of someone who’s selling more books than me. Those aren’t my sales. I’m not entitled to that person’s readers or reviews. Nobody owes me those things.

A more serious example is the terrifying men in the equally fucking terrifying incell movement who feel that they have a right to sex with women simply because they want it. And it’s cool to do whatever they feel is necessary to get it. Women owe it to them simply because the men want it. Related to this is the friend zone. Dudes who are upset because a woman sees them as a friend but doesn’t have romantic feelings for them. They feel that because they’re nice to these women that they’re again entitled to a romantic/sexual relationship with those women. Newsflash: Women don’t owe you shit. Bigger newsflash: No one owes anyone shit.

1.) Lack of personal responsibility. Everybody fucks up. Literally everyone. No one is immune. Just. Fucking. Own It. Yeah, I know. it’s no fun to admit that you screwed up. I don’t like doing it either. No one does. But accept responsibility for it, and move on. Don’t constantly try to lie or shift the blame to someone else or something else. Fucking up or simply being wrong doesn’t diminish your value as a person. Never apologizing or admitting you’re wrong or blaming others does.

That’s it for my crankyass self, today. What makes you cranky? Share! And be sure to check out what made the other bloggers’ lists.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10: Things That Make Me Cranky

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    I love your list!! And yes on the bra!! I despise having to find a new bra. What’s worse is when it fit okay in the dressing room, but suddenly doesn’t at home. WTF??!!

  2. Alex Kourvo says:

    Bra-ditions! Oh my goodness yes. It also has an evil cousin for those of us who like wearing jeans. I should just start buying multiple pairs of jeans I like, because the styles change too quickly and shopping for them is the absolute worst.

  3. Pansy Petal says:

    Today I was reminded of one the things that make me cranky, although most of the time I work hard not to be cranky. To be loving, tolerant and forgiving. Well . . . I did say “work hard,” not that I actually did it. 😀 Anyway, my lovely daughter’s sweetheart of a dog seems to think it is my job to get up and let him out in the mornings. Most mornings, it is mostly okay. She is working midnight this month so isn’t home yet. BUT . . . on her days off, why does he need to go out at 6:30 rather than 8:30? Especially after a movie night where we were up until 2:30 am and I was drinking. I am tired, bit hung over, AND Elizabeth was still awake! So why did I have to haul my ass out of bed? Yes! It made me cranky! Kid was made very aware of it too as she stayed snug in her warm bed while I shivered at the door with the dog. Gotta just love the kid and the dog – except when I want to strangle them. So glad I could share that with you. I feel better now. 😀

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