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I adore fairy tales. I’ve got a ginormous collection, but these are some of my faves–in no discernible order–just like always.

The Wild Swans

East of the Sun and West of the Moon. 


The Story of the Root Children

Beauty and the Beast

Tatterhood and the Hobgobblins 

Snow White

Saint George and the Dragon

Sleeping Beauty

Tam Lin

As you can see from this picture, there are lots of different takes on the Tam Lin tale. These are some of my very favorite ones. Wild Robin, Catkin, Noble-Hearted Kate, and Eventide.

And I also adore The Twelve Dancing Princesses, but I don’t have my own copy, yet. But…soon, I hope.

What are some of your favorite fairy tales? Be sure to check out Jess’ favorites, too!

One thought on “Top 10: Fairytales

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    Beauty and the Beast. Snow White. My all time favorite – Cinderella. Yeah, I go a bit classic here. 😀

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