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I’m pretty damn happy today. I just found out that Just Right is number one at All Romance E-books! I’m not sure how long it’ll stay there, but I’m freaking excited!!!

Also – the fantabulous Kris Norris made me a beautiful new website and I’d love it if you checked it out. It’s all misty and blue and prettiful – I absolutely love it. I think she should start a side business of websites and book trailers! The woman does amazing work! She did her own website, too.

To celebrate, I’m going to give away a copy of Just Right. All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment on my blog and I’ll choose a winner at Friday night at 8pm. Easy Peasy!

I hope you’re all having a specfreakingtacular day, too!

0 thoughts on “Time to Squeeeee

  1. molli says:

    Wow Bron, I love what Kris did with the website!

  2. Fantastic new website!
    You and Kris did marvelous work together. Congratulations!

    Congrats on Just Right! You deserve all good things. Your stories sing.


  3. Carol Lynne says:

    WooHoo! Congrat, Bron, on the #1 status. You deserve to be there!

  4. reidy says:

    WOW!! What a cute picture. I had one similar when i was a little girl.

  5. Mia Watts says:

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I also really love her book trailers. I can't wait til she gets started on mine.

    Um, Krrrriiiisss!!!?

  6. I love the new website! It's perfect! I so can't wait to read Just Right! Congratulations!

  7. Anny Cook says:

    Lovely website! And very interesting book, too! Three bears, you say?

  8. Judy says:

    I love the colors of your newly designed website!! She did a great job. Also Congrats on Just Right!!



  9. Chris says:


    And your new website, it is beautiful. 🙂

    Not entering the contest, but I will mention it on this week's linkity post!

  10. Kimberley says:

    The website is beautiful, Bron and Congrats on being # 1!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great website. Kris is sooo talented. ;0)


  12. Opps, I didn't leave a name on my last comment. LOL. Sorry.

    Lets try this again.


  13. Devon Rhodes says:

    Yay! Congrats on both, love! You rock and the world knows it. 🙂

  14. Kim says:

    congratulations! I am So happy and proud of you and for you!
    You deserve to be Number one!

  15. Kris Norris says:

    Hey Girl

    A major congrats on being number 1!!! That's awesome. But you know what this means…. soon, hoards of brilliant reviews I'll have to add to your site!

    My work is never done:)

    I'm glad you like your new website… oh and Mia, just say the word girl…


  16. mishkismom says:

    Website looks great! Can I just say you are the greatest blogger ever?! I love that you are a wierdo magnet just like me! My friends say my life is like a Mad magazine on crack!

  17. @ Molli – thanks hon! I love it, too – sooo excited about it!

    @ Suzanne – Awwww, thank you sweetie! Giant hugs heading your way!

    @ Carol – Thanks babe – see what happens when I listen to your advice about more men? LOL

    @ reidy – that little cutie isn't me, but I have a very similar one. For some reason I thought a red plaid dress and lime green ponytail holders were the way to go!

    @ Mia – email her already! Look at her awesome genius at work!!!

    @ Simone – Thanks!!! It's like she reached into my brain and found all the things I like best. 😀 I hope you enjoy JR!

    @ Anny – Thanks honey!!! Yes, indeed Ms. Anny. Three naughty werebears. 😉

    @ Judy – Thank you so much!!! I'm still ridiculously excited!

    @ Chris – THANK YOU for adding me to the linkity post! That's awesome – you rock!!!

    @ Kimberley – Thank you so much!!! I'm ecstatic about both! 😀

    @ Lyn – Thank you so much. Kris does amazing work!!!

    @ Devon – Hey Sweet thing!! Thank you!!! I'm still grinning like the village idiot – lol!

    @ Kim – major hugs to you my Florida girl!!!! DON'T let the girls read this one!!!!! 😀

    @ Kris – There's the Goddess of Web Design, Herself! Thank you babe for making me the best website ever! 😀

    @ mishkismom – {{{HUGS}}} to a fellow weirdo magnet – we have to stick together, you know. 😀 And thank you for the wonderful blog compliment. Do you blog about your weirdo magnet experiences? If not, you should – and send me the link! 😀


  18. Chris says:

    @ Bronwyn – You're very welcome. And might I add that your response to all the comments was probably THE most organized and lengthy response to comments that I've ever seen?

    *is not worthy*

  19. chocoaddict says:

    Nice website! So easy to navigate – so nice to look at. Congrats on the All Romance rating – that's a major reason to celebrate!


  20. Am I the only one who can't “step inside” your website? I get the landing page (gorgeous, by the way) but no further.

  21. WOOOOOOT! So happy for you!!!!!

    What a BEAUTIFUL website! I love the cool night-time feel!

    Kudos to you and Kris!

  22. Hi, Bron,

    The artistic design of the site is gorgeous.

    And I adore the premise of Just Right! What a brainstorm, to turn the bears into shape shifters!

    Lots of luck with the book!


  23. Hooray for #1!

    I love your new site. I tested every link!

    (I already have the book so no contest for me.)

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love the new website. I checked every link and thought everything looked amazing. Great work to both you and Kris.

    Candy Stone

  25. Woo hoo for being #1:) And LOVE the look of the new site! Congrats sweetie:)

  26. Exciting news about ARE, Bron. And ohhhh wow, love the new webbie. Kris does great work.

  27. mamasand2 says:

    Great website, Bronwyn. I can't compare it to the old one since you are a new author to me, but I enjoyed it's clean lines and the way it was so easy to navigate.

    I LOVED the excerpt for Just Right that you had on there. It sounds fabulous!!!


  28. Beth says:

    Love the look of your website. It's been too long since I checked out author sites, don't remember what it used to look like. But I like it when a site is pretty. The plainer sites just don't keep my interest.

    Congrats on the new release. It sounds like a great read. I love shifters and bears are right there at the top of the list.

  29. Congrats on a great website; it looks great.

    Tracey D

  30. @ Chris – Every once in a while I get a crazy burst of organization. Don't be afraid. It doesn't happen often. 😀

    @ chocoaddict – Thanks Patty! I'm still pretty giddy!

    @ sterlingwriter – Just click the links at the top of the page and they should take you where you want to go…provided that you want to go somewhere on my web page. 😉

    @ Genella – Thanks hon!! It's all Kris – she's a freaking genius!!

    @ Lisabet – Thank you so much! I couldn't be more thrilled with it!

    @ Margaret – Thanks Pickle!! And thank you for the link testing – I really appreciate that!!

    @ Candy – Candy! Where have you been? Haven't seen you around in ages! And thank you for checking links, too!

    @ Molly – Thanks! I'm so glad you stopped by and had a peek!

    @ Regina – Kris is made of super awesomeness! 😉 And thank you – I'm really geeked about the book doing so well!

    @ mamasand2 – I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! Thank you, Sandie!!

    @ Beth – Thank you for stopping by Beth! I understand – I'm a fan of the pretty sites, too! 😀

    @ booklover0226 – Thank you so much for checking out the new site, Tracey!

  31. Hi! 🙂 I'm new to this blog and would love the chance to win one of your books. 🙂


  32. Dana says:

    Please enter me into your contest.

  33. s7anna says:

    I'm loving the pic right on top.

  34. Anna Mayle says:

    Wow! The new sight is amazing! It calls to mind the mysterious and makes you wonder what could be going on inside.

  35. Oh the website is beautiful! And cool with the twisted type… OH and I love the blurb for your new book – sounds like a hot read!


  36. Gwen says:

    New website looks fantastic! Congratulations


  37. mariska says:

    The new website is awesome !

    Congrats Bronwyn ! I'd love to read that no 1 book 🙂

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  38. @ vslavetopassion – Hi Jase! Thank you for stopping by to visit – you're definitely in the running! 🙂

    @ Dana – You're entered, too! Thanks for stopping by!

    @s7anna – I'm loving the picture of your kitty – looks like my guy, Angus. 🙂

    @ Anna – Thank you so much! I told Kris I wanted something that was mystical-sexy. I definitely think she pulled it off!

    @ Sweet Vernal Zephyr – Hi Miranda and welcome! Thank you so much for checking out the site and reading the excerpt!

    @ Gwen – Thank you! I'm so pleased with it!

    @ mariska – Thank you so much. 😀 You're entered, too. Actually, everyone is! Except of course Chris and Margaret – lol.

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