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Oh, pet peeves…I have them. I’m pretty laid back most of the time, but there are some things that really bug me. Some are minor and no big deal and don’t affect me all that much if at all, and others infuriate me to no end and make me want to severely limit my time with people who do these things.
The Minor Ones:
Socks and sandals (or mandals, as one of my “adopted” sons calls them) – My uncle used to wear socks with his Birkenstocks all the time and it drove me insane. My adopted son did the same thing. If it’s not warm enough to wear sandals without socks, it’s not warm enough to wear sandals. The end.
People who don’t put toilet paper back on the spindle and instead leave it on the counter to fall into the sink that drips constantly. I’m convinced that this is an affliction that affects only men since I’m the only one in this house that can actually manage to change the roll properly.
When the underwire pokes through my bra – especially if it’s my favorite. I can mend a lot of things, but I’ve never found an effective way to fix this.
When companies discontinue a product I love. Most recently it was my favorite coffee creamer and my aforementioned favorite bra. Now, I’m on a Holy Grail type searches for replacements for both items. The quest is not going well.
The Important Ones:
I’m of course irritated by the biggies – bigotry, cruelty, shaming, etc, but these are some other more specific things that I’ve dealt with that just send me over the edge.
People that refuse to apologize and just pretend their shitty behavior never happened. This burns me up more than I can possibly tell you. If you do something shitty like bite someone’s head off either in person, email or phone call own it and apologize. The person you were an ass to may not call you on it, but believe me, s/he will remember. And it will affect your relationship.
People who are pathologically competitive. I’m not talking about a little professional jealousy – we all feel a twinge of it from time to time, but we still have genuine happiness for the people in question. I’m talking about the people who only feel good about themselves if they feel like they’re doing better than other people – even their friends. It doesn’t matter what it is – hobbies, business, weight loss, exercise, whatever – as long as they perceive that they’re out performing the other person, it’s fine. 
The minute their friend might start to excel in an area, that person competitiveness and jealousy comes out in an ugly way.
Revisionist Historians. These are the people who even if you were both involved in an event have constructed a completely different version of what happened, and bonus! They believe it. Now, no two versions of anything will ever be identical – our perceptions color our experience of everything. I’m talking about when the actual facts change. Hell, some people change their story from telling to telling.
Condescending People. Yes, I may be a little flighty sometimes, but I’m not stupid, so don’t roll your eyes at me or talk down to me. Or anyone else for that matter. That’s just bullshit.
People who lack empathy. I’m talking about the ones that are dismissive or disdainful of other people’s worries, fears etc. because they lack an inability to put themselves in other people’s shoes and remember that not both of you have the same life experiences and therefore something that was no big deal to you might be a very big deal to them. 
Soooooo…those are mine. What are some of yours?
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0 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Stabby AKA Pet Peeves

  1. I hate it when the wires come out. I've had good luck putting mole skin over the hole. It's not permanent, but it make the bra wearable again.

  2. Lynn Doezema says:

    Our new house came with the toilet paper holders where you just slip the toilet paper on, no unscrewing and detaching. It's done wonders!

  3. MissyMonster says:

    The bra! I am currently on the same mission and it is not going well either.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is the bait and switch single people do and are expected to do (especially women) we're are constant told we need to change to get a man. F that! The right man will love me for who the hell I am or he can take a flying leap and I'll be happily single for the rest of my happy life. 🙂

    I have more but I will just have to do my own blog about it otherwise I will fill up your comment section with my own issues 😉

  4. gigis says:

    I am not a big fan of having my picture taken, so it drives me nuts when every picture someone posts on social media is a selfie. Yes, we know who you are I do not need a picture of you standing in the line at the grocery store just so you can put a pic of yourself out there…LOL

    Love the mole skin idea, I have a bra at home that just did that the other day.

  5. Kris Norris says:

    I think I have a dozen more on top of these! Nice list honey. I bypass the bra issue by wearing bra tops or sports bras.. they are so much more comfortable, and they'll keep me secure should I suddenly have to run from crazed zombies.

  6. Tess Grant says:

    The place that used to carry my fave bras discontinued them, them brought them back. With great joy, I immediately ordered two in my usual size and… They don't fit!! Bleah.

  7. Ooh, all good ones! I know someone who changes her story each time she tells it and she tells it a billion times over. Drives me bonkers!

    And I have to say, those captcha things are on my shit list. It's taken me three tries to post this response because I can't decode the blurry text to copy. LOL

  8. @ Jocelyn – Mole skin!!! Jocelyn!!! You're a GENIUS!!!

    @ Lynn – We need those for this house!

    @ Missy – That is some serious bullshit. You are absolutely AWESOME the way you are. But the crap that women get fed on a daily basis about what we need to do to get/keep a man enrages me.

    @ Gigi – I hate getting my picture taken, but I'm trying to get comfortable with it. I don't want my kids to eventually have no pics of me. But there is an overabundance of selfies in this world.

    @ Kris – Oh if only I could wear a sports bra… But that won't work for any of us! 😉

    @ Tess – Boooooo to the bras!!! 🙁

  9. @ Kellie – I'm so sorry about the captcha thing! I got tired of getting messages about getting my own Russian bride! 😉

    Ugh to the story changer!!!

  10. Cait says:

    I have only disdain for this post and feel no empathy toward your many plights.

    I am, however, mostly satisfied with learning Kris's undergarment choices.

  11. @ Cait – you are a bratface, but I love you anyway.

  12. Leigh says:

    I'm with you on the toilet paper thing. And of course it has to be put on properly coming over the top of the roll. That is the only correct way. 🙂

    I hate it when people can't own up to what their own actions. You mess up, you apologize. That's all there is to it.

  13. Jess Jarman says:

    I don't think it's any shock that I was nodding along as I read your post. 🙂

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