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So this is gonna sound kinda dumb, but I’m excited. My business cards came today!

They’re cool – Stonehenge at dusk on one side and my web site and contact info on the other. I wish I had a working scanner so I could post them – they’re really cool looking.

I plan to make good use of them at RT. I can’t wait to go and meet everyone. I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited about the costume parties, too.

How about it – who’s all going?

0 thoughts on “They Came Today!

  1. Caley Greene says:

    I would willing scan them for you, but the commute is a bit much. 🙂Congrats on the business cards.As much as I would love to go to RT, and I really do, I probably won’t be able to this year, unless I win the lotto or something…

  2. Kelly Kirch says:

    Not a dress-up kinda gal but: OOOhhhh, OOOHHH Me! I’m going! I’m kinda curious about these cover models too. I mean exactly how much airbrushing is needed on these blokes? And are they 5’1” but shot from the floor to make them taller? And will their photographer PLEASE airbrush me?

  3. I have to get cards…must pull my finger out and get organized

  4. Okay…pardon my ignorance here…what’s RT? Where is it being held?

  5. Anny Cook says:

    I am going with the ol’ ball and chain. He’s looking forward to prowling around, taking notes. Argh! Ah, well, since he’s paying… I am redoing my cards. So by then I’ll have new ones.

  6. I see your name under “authors attending.” Have you registered yet?

  7. Brynn Paulin says:

    Fun!! Can’t wait to see them.

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