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I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I’ve gone to four family Christmas parties and I’ve still got one more to go. But Christmas morning with Matt and the boys was, by far, my favorite. Part of it was watching them open presents. I love giving gifts to my kids (well, pretty much to everyone) but there was one gift I was especially excited to give.

You may remember from a previous post that I’ve been tormenting Killian with a little porcelain angel. Well, the tormenting has continued. The last week of classes, he packed his lunch and foolishly left it sitting on the table while he finished getting ready. I couldn’t just let that opportunity go by. I had to sneak the angel into his lunch sack. It was practically a moral fucking imperative.

He was, shall we say, unimpressed.

After my last post, Jen Armintrout, reigning Queen of the Interwebz sent me this link. Sarah Francz-Wichlacz is nothing short of a genius for coming up with this tutorial. The woman is brilliant, and I’m completely in her debt. I had hours of fun making this – not to mention the utter glee of anticipating giving the angel to Killian. (I know, I know – bad mama).

So while I was helping out in Corwin’s art class a few weeks ago, I ended up supervising the kids who *still* hadn’t finished glazing. Since I was finished with my own glazing, the teacher told me to bring in whatever I wanted to work on. And I did. I brought in all the components for a Barbie sized Weeping Angel. I wouldn’t be able to fit her in a lunch sack, but that was okay.

There were at least one or two kids in each of the four classes who knew immediately what I was making. I liked them better after that.

The following are my progress pictures and the doll was cheerfully donated by my sister, Cait. It was her ice skating Barbie.

These are the wings I carved out of styrofoam and contoured with hot glue. The art teacher very happily lent me her wood carving tools which worked much better than my usual standby tool of choice – a butter knife.

This is Barbie with all her joints glued for stability looking suspiciously like a ritual murder victim. 

This is ice skating Barbie glued to the base.

This is Barbie with the her dress made from scraps of gauze and stiffened with acrylic adhesive. The same vat of acrylic adhesive I dropped and spilled all over the damn art room. ‘Cause I’m awesome like that. 

This is the angel after two coats of stone fleck spray paint.

Killian holding the Weeping Angel after freaking the hell out when he opened it up. The conversation went like this:

Killian: God DAMN it!
Me: (giggling and having trouble holding the camera) Yes?
Killian: You got me this?
Me: Correction. I made you that. 
Killian: You made it? Why? Why would you do that? On Christmas?
Me: Because I love you, of course.
Killian: No you don’t.
Me: Do too.
Killian: (trying not to laugh) I don’t believe you.
Matt: Remember that Barbie you found in your mom’s purse and she told you Nolen stuck it in there? She was lying. That’s Cait’s old doll. She said your mom could have it for this.
Killian: Cait was in on it, too?!
Corwin: Everyone was in on it. Even my whole art class.
Me: Jen’s the one who found the tutorial for me.
Killian: Jen, too?! I will have my revenge! I don’t know how, yet. But I will have it!

And here’s the angel today in her rightful place on top of Killian’s subwoofer.

0 thoughts on “The Worst Mama Ever Strikes Again!

  1. molli says:

    Don't Blink!!!

  2. Jason says:

    you are the GREATEST mom evar!!!

  3. Jilly-O says:

    You should move it when he's not home. 😀

  4. Awesome! Best gift every. I'm with Jilly-O, it needs to move occasionally.

  5. Chris says:

    That is SO, SO awesome! 😀

  6. Anya Breton says:

    That. Is. AMAZING. I love the pain job!

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