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I’m apparently having *that* day.

Before I share my tale of woe, I have to tell you what I’ve been doing the last couple weeks.

I’ve been volunteering at my son Corwin’s school to help out the art teacher with her pottery unit. With 4 classes and 30 kids per class, it’s tough for one person to help a room full of teenagers with all the issues with hand building and joining and glazing. This is where I came in. I’d made a joke at parent teacher conferences about crashing her pottery unit and she said that she’d love it if I did. Well, I took her up on it and helped out in almost every session. I had a blast. The kids are great and there’s some definite talent in there. The teacher gave me 25 pounds of clay to take home, so I ended up making a ton of Christmas presents and had a lovely, relaxing time while I did it. 

This week, the pieces are out of the kiln and we’ve been glazing. Today was my day to oversee the kids who still weren’t done yet while the teacher moved on to the still life lesson with the kids that were. While I was in the back of the room with the kids who were finishing up, I worked on another project. A project that involved a vat of acrylic adhesive. While we were cleaning up, I dropped the damn thing.

The container hit the ground and the contents splattered EVERYWHERE. Seriously, that shit flew 15 feet – plastered me, a girl who was talking to me, the table, the floor, the wall. It. Was. Everywhere.

I felt like a total ass. Luckily, the teacher thought it was hilarious. We got it cleaned up, but I’m still picking crusty glue out of my hair.

The day started with me spilling essential oil on my couch. The couch that isn’t even a year old yet.

Then after school, Corwin and I stopped by 7-11 to get eggs. (Yes, I got eggs at the convenience store. I was tired.) Corwin asked for a Gatorade, so I decided to bring home a pop for Killian.

Guess who dropped the damn thing on the floor.

Guess whose legs are still sticky.

Yeah…it’s that day.

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  1. Chris says:

    *hugs* Gah! Hopefully today was a better day?!?

  2. Yüz Germe says:

    I am totally impressed. good job in here. It's good to read about such things from time to time. I just wanted to tell you that you have great blog in here. And I wish you a good luck in always giving such lovely meanings.
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