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The lovely Janna of Erotic Romance Reader tagged me in a Book Boyfriend meme, and seeing as how I live to procrastinate (and I’m finally done cleaning up puke) I’m totally playing.

Here’s how this meme goes:

We all have our favorite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don’t forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged!

Once tagged… you have to do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don’t forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn’t have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us… heheheee!

1.) Hair style and color – Honestly, I’m open to most styles, however, buzz cuts and mullets need not apply. I do like enough to grab onto, and I prefer men with darker hair.

2.) Eye color and facial features – I’m a sucker for green eyes…or blue…the kind you can get lost in. Le sigh… I like a rugged face with scruff, full-ish, kissable lips, but please, no butt-chin – at least not a big one.

3.) Height and body type – 6′ – 6′ 2″ is a nice height, and I’m going to go on record as saying overly-muscled, body building types creep me the hell out. I always assume, perhaps wrongly, that a guy like that is more interested in spending time watching himself do reps in the mirror at the gym than anything else. I like broad shoulders and tight abs as much as the next girl, but I’d rather see them on a normal looking guy with an athletic build.

I like strong, capable looking hands. I don’t mind if they’re a little rough or dinged up from working on the house or the car. I like some tattoos – now, I’m talking about tribal work or Celtic knot work – not some ill-conceived and tacky skull, roses and American flag number or scary looking portraiture of a teacup poodle. I’m totally on board with a strategically placed piercing or two.

4.) Visible age – 30-40

5.) Bangability – i.e. kinky/bi/size – First off, I applaud the use of the word, bangability. 😀 I like ’em straight and more than a little dominant. Hey…it’s my imaginary BBF. 😉 And size? I’m with Janna…who wants small in this perfect little fantasy?

6.) Human or other – Human or shifter – fey works, not into vamps so much. It’s not the biting…it’s the living dead part that makes me a little squidgey.
7.) Paranormal skills – the ability to transport us from place to place – makes world travel that much easier. The ability to freeze time would also be badass.

8.) Interests – Wait? You mean besides worshiping me? Okay then, let’s see…hot sex, traveling, music – I know it’s cliche but I love a guy that can sing and play guitar.

9.) Habitat – Where I am, but I’m so not gonna complain if he’s got a castle in Ireland or Wales.

10.) Special skills – Making me laugh (oh, so important), long, slow kisses, book research and knot tying. 😉

I’m tagging:

  1. Brynn Paulin
  2. Mia Watts
  3. Kris Norris
  4. Dakota Rebel
  5. Charlotte Stein

0 thoughts on “The Book Boyfriend – Janna Made Me Do It

  1. LOL, thanks for mentioning me like THAT in the blogtitle 😀

    Your BBF is a dream come true! I love him too. And those pics are yummie, especially the one of Jensen (surprise)!

    I always assume, perhaps wrongly, that a guy like that is more interested in spending time watching himself do reps in the mirror

    LOL, I'm with you there! I definitely don't want my fantasy guy to be vain or bulgy 🙂

    Thanks for playing, Bron! (especially after a weekend like that with the vomit and all)

  2. Chris says:

    This really had to be a nice fantasy break from Puke Land, huh? 🙂

  3. P.S. Haven says:

    “but please, no butt-chin”
    Ahahahah!! Classic. I've got this buddie, I swear it looks like he's got this tiny, hairy little ass right on the bottom of face. I've been giving him hell about it since1985.

  4. Mia Watts says:

    AWESOME! I was hoping someone would tag me. So tomorrow I'm posting something else, but Book Boyfriend is body-rubbing all over Thursday's spot on my blog. He's got a hard-on for it, too.

    Psst. Bron. I think red-towel-guy has butt chin. I squinted but it does appear rather rolled and cleavaged.

  5. Oh Mia, I thought of you but saw at your blog that you were busy with your deadlines 🙂

    Instead I tagged Chris *mumble*who doesn't know if she wants to play*mumble* 😉

  6. Mia Watts says:

    Yeah, uh huh, that's what they all say. *mope* “Oh, Mia, I was gonna ask you.” “Oh, Mia, you're so super busy.” “Oh, Mia, this isn't what it looks like. She's my sister and she lost a contact… in her muff.”

    Yeah, I've heard it all before.

    *faux pout*

  7. Oh you wanna pout? Fine! *sigh*
    When you're done, you know where to find me 😉

  8. Chris says:

    Janna – There's no “doesn't know” about it. Nice try, though. 🙂

  9. Well, you said you would think about it *pout*

  10. Chris says:

    Done thinking. ;D

  11. So, you'll do it then?! Yay! ;D

  12. Chris says:

    You know better. 🙂

  13. @ Janna – You know I adore you – just had to pick on you a little – lol!

    @ Chris – This was a painfully necessary break from Puke Land. *shudder*

    @ Haven – Your poor friend…that just sounds epically unattractive!

    @ Mia – Noooooooooooooo Mia! Shush! Right now! Towel boy doesn't have a butt-chin. At least not in my fantasy. I'm glad you're going to play, btw.

    @ Janna (again) I think this is one of those situations where Chris doesn't play well with others. ;D

  14. Yeah, I'm afraid Chris is too stubborn sometimes, Bron. Ah well, her loss 😉

  15. Chris says:

    I prefer non-conformist. 🙂

  16. Yeah! I get to play book boyfriend! Why would I kill you for that??? You know there's nothing I like better than talking about hot dudes.

    Though I have absolutely no idea what a meme is. I think I know what a tag is. I shall tag people. I can do that. /internet fail.

    Makes you wonder how I've survived this long, eh?

    Also, P.S. I don't mind a good butt chin. A chin butt, on the other hand…

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