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Some of you know that my baby sister moved to New York to live with a friend. Well…they also have roommates – a married couple who have kids and a (questionable) nanny. Especially questionable since the mother doesn’t work outside the home and no one really watches (or feeds) the kids. Well, you know…except Cait.

Anyway, here’s the deluge of texts I got last night. Can’t wait to go for a visit and  meet these freaks gems.

0 thoughts on “Texts from Cait – Part Eleven

  1. Oh my god! Why is she in NY? I missed this development! Run away! Run far, far away!

    I'd be planning a mutiny, or something. We should do a kickstarter campaign for wine for Cate! Cause she's gonna need that much!

  2. April Riley says:

    Oh My… She can always visit me. We are much more normal, if she needs a weekend away.

  3. kavita says:

    Bronwyn, your sister is a gem! and tell her for me, chocolate cures all evil.

  4. Anya Breton says:

    I LOL'd hard at this. Poor woman. *shakes her head* And holy cow, I could never type that much on a phone!

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