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0 thoughts on “Texts from Cait – Part Eight

  1. What do you mean, We *just* had a texts from Cait? Like it's bad to share too many? I'd be happy if you shared texts from Cait every day.

  2. Mia Watts says:

    Wait, she bought Matt UNDERWEAR?! Did she have a crush thing going on? Clearly she wanted to be you, so maybe that was all “Jennifer 8” of her to REPLACE you so she could have the Matt lurve. Because of course, with the same piercings, he'd never notice it wasn't you.


    WV: remerema
    Weird. That's like remember and enema all rolled into one. No thanks.

  3. @ Margaret – LOL, I'm so glad you appreciate the Caitness. 😀

    @ Mia – Oh, those were two different daycare moms. One bought Matt the scariest slinky undies ever and me a flannel nightgown for Christmas one year. It was a different mom who got all the piercings.

  4. April Riley says:

    Someday I have to meet your sister, cause she cracks me the freak up!! 😉

  5. Kells says:

    Please give cait a sloppy kiss for me, and if she wants a stalker….well I'd probably be a pretty lame stalker. MILFs just wait for the hotties to come to them…

  6. Chris says:

    Just shaking my head. 🙂

  7. Amber Skyze says:

    Love Texts from Cait! 🙂

  8. CLK says:

    Wait, my brother declared ME the bestest big sister ever…of course, this was a drunken declaration when I was the desginated driver who then cleaned up after him and was again declared the bestest big sister ever….it was NOT as fun a night as he seems to think it was. Though, my husband did end up with a case of the drunken giggles by the end of…nto fun, but apparently hillarious for just about everyone but me.

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