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I’ve discovered something important yesterday afternoon.

Dark Warm Blonde hair color is definitely not the same as Medium Warm Blonde hair color.

I thought I’d freshen up my hair before the AAD conference next week, and quick dyed it before I picked up the kids from school. I thought it looked a little dark, but I was in a hurry, so I left with wet hair. It dried on the way to school, but I still didn’t really notice how dark it was until Killian, Not-Kevin and Justin got in the car.

Justin: (in a faux whisper) Hey, Killian. I think Mrs. Killian’s Mommy did something to her air.

Not-Kevin: Mrs. Killian’s Mommy, did you do something to your hair? We’re boys and we don’t typically notice stuff like this, but it seems like chemicals were involved.

Killian: You have dye on your face. Way to fail.

Normally, I go with the medium warm blonde which turns out to be a light reddish brown. I now have dark auburn hair. I’m getting used to it, and kinda liking it.

I’m also getting used to doing dishes in two plastic basins on my kitchen table. I’m not liking this at all. Not even a little.

My freaking kitchen sink has been backed up for almost a week with several inches of standing water. Nothing’s worked – snaking, drain cleaner, plunging. Matt hasn’t had time to take apart the pipes, and I’m not about to because I have a very bad habit of making things worse.

It’s a gift.

So…hopefully this weekend he can fix it, because the plastic basin thing? Not cutting it.

Cait saw the backed up sink the other day and said, “Oh…creating your own West Nile Virus water feature?”


0 thoughts on “Teh random. I has it.

  1. Brynn Paulin says:

    Hair: It's fantastic. It brings out your coloring beautifully. I really think it looks great on you.

    Sink: You could probably bail it then sop up what you can't bail with towels or paper toweling or something. You really shouldn't make West Nile in the house. Much better for outside growing…

  2. Chris says:

    LOL at the boys' commentary on your hair!! Glad you like the change. 🙂

    *crossing fingers for sink*

  3. I want to personally take credit for the plastic bins thing. The sick thing is, I have a relative who washes dishes that way, even though she doesn't have to. She just doesn't like getting her sink “dirty”.

  4. A few years back, we were without a kitchen or any bathrooms for nearly four months due to a burst pipe upstairs and having to redo EVERYTHING! We all got really good at either using paper plates – so non-pc, or scraping into a trash bag and washing with cold water from the hose in the middle of winter. Ugh. It it was really cold outside, we heated water on our barbecue! Fortunately we had one functioning toilet or things would have gotten really nasty!
    All of the above is probably why I survived that stinkin' canoe trip!
    I have dark auburn hair – I love dark auburn hair. Way to go, Bron!

  5. If I tried to get back to my original hair color, I'm afraid I'd really embarrass myself. So I stick to highlights.

  6. “We're boys and we don't typically notice stuff like this, but it seems like chemicals were involved.”

    A mini riding-in-cars-with-boys post! Hooray!

  7. Anny Cook says:

    Hair color…change is good. Inadvertent change is better.

    Sink…ugh. Been there. Done that. Do not save the tee-shirt. I'm with Brynn. Sop it up.

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