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Sooooooo, my brain has been whirling in a million different directions lately. There’s been upheaval at the day job and hubby’s been gone for nearly three freaking weeks! I know plenty of people who have to put up with spouses being away for way longer (I’m looking at two people in particular) but whiners gonna whine, so here I am…whining. But! He’s coming home Saturday – I can’t wait! 😀

In school weirdness, Corwin’s been working on Charles Darwin Project of Doom for weeks now. It’s been dubbed the CDPoD because it’s never freaking ending. He had to come up with 50 note cards all with facts to include in the term paper, and additional 15 note cards with different facts to use for his speech and Power Point presentation…which he needs to give in character and in costume. Frock coat and beard aside, the teacher informed them that she wants the paper to be a college level term paper. FWUH? These kids are in 7th grade! WTF?! Also, this project has been going on for over a month.

However, I did get a little giggle about the fact that he was assigned Charles Darwin as a topic. She confessed that all three seventh grade teachers met to assign the historical figures to the students, and they figured that we were the only family who wouldn’t be gravely offended for religious reasons if Corwin got Darwin. I just don’t even know what to do with that bit of info… Oh well, at least he got an A on the awful leaf project that gave us asthma attacks and gave me hives.

Trick or Treating was a great time. I continued my habit of giving extra candy to the older kids that are out trick or treating. I just think it’s great that they’re still out having fun. As it is they grow up way too fast and it always annoys me to hear neighbors tell them they’re too old for Halloween. I call bullshit! You’re never too old for Halloween. So I always tell them they’re getting extra candy and why. The expression on their faces is worth buying an extra bag of candy – particularly when Betty the Biddy has already reamed them out. Screw you, Betty!

The best conversation I had was with a four year old little boy. He was trick or treating with his older sister and I’d complemented her dress. He poked his round little face around the door and the conversation went like this:

Little Boy: What about me? You like me? You like my costume?

Me: I do. It’s great! I really like Dracula – he’s scary!

Little Boy: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I not Dracula!

Me: You’re not?

Little Boy: No! I Cra-chunkula!

Me: You’re who, now?

Little Boy: I said I Cra-chunkula!

Little Boy’s Dad: (finally taking pity on me) He’s Count Chocula.

Me: Ooooohhhhhh. I love Count Chocula. He’s way better than Dracula any day.

Little Boy: Yes I am!

God, I love Halloween! 😀

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  1. Devon Rhodes says:

    Did you also get Frankenberry??

    Love your policy on the older ones, cuz I think it takes guts when you get past a certain age.

    LOL @ the Darwin explanation. Apparently you give off non-religion vibes. Or he's been talking in class about your earth mama leanings.

    Glad your hub is going to be home soon! Am I a bad wife if I admit I'm looking forward to my hub's (admittedly shorter) business trip?

  2. Hubby on a trip of a day or two=free to eat your favorite dinner that he hates plus watch chick flicks. Hubby on a three week trip=hell. Mine does the shorter and longer ones, and I much prefer the shorter ones! Hugs to you, lady. Glad hubby is coming home soon.

    And also? That little boy was right, Count Chocula is way better than Dracula.

  3. Sounds like a crazy few weeks! In our area, all the kids are Hispanic and the costumes are so amazing Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos – I love it! One tiny girl looked at my gangly teenaged puppy with his long legs and his big ears and asked, “Mommy, que es eso?” I agree, what is it? He looks like a cross between a donkey and a chimp!

  4. Glad the hubby's coming home soon. Yeah on the leaf project. I've seen some of those college level term papers and pretty sure 7th graders would do better. Sounds like Halloween was a blast.

  5. Chris says:

    Yay for the hub coming home Saturday!!

    And the reason Corwin got Darwin… ACK!

  6. And the irony is that it is rumored that Darwin had second thoughts about his work:
    “During one of my [Fawkes] visits to him [Nicholls], he told me that this lady who had been in attendance on Darwin prior to his death had informed him that he requested her to read the New Testament to him and asked her to arrange for the Sunday School children to sing “There is a green hill far away.” This was done and Darwin, who was greatly moved said: “How I wish I had not expressed my theory of evolution as I have done.”

    Only the Universe knows for sure – LOL

    Do kids now-a-days know Count Chocula? *Feelin' my roots – my SILVER roots, that is! 😀

    It's always Halloween at my house.

  7. LOL @ Count Chocula!!!! Okay what is it with this school projects that somehow become a family project? I hated seeing my kids grow up and leave home but I sure as hell don't miss that stuff. One year we made a Medieval castle complete with working drawbridge, moat, medieval maidens and knights. Damn thing was a work of art but it involved hundreds of dollars, hundreds of man-hours and cost us a glass topped patio table (don't ask…but a chain saw was involved)

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