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On my mom’s side, I have a pretty big family – 6 aunts and uncles, 15 cousins (about half with kids) 3 brothers, 1 sister 2 nieces and a nephew. The best thing is that we’re all really close – any one of us would drop everything for anyone else. Yes, there’s a whole lot of crazy in there, but I consider myself really lucky, some people (like my husband) may beg to differ, but I love getting together with everyone. The holidays are never boring with the Green fam.

So far, we’ve had five out of six family parties and a good time was had by all. Trying to cram 41 people, 17 of whom are small children, inside a small ranch style house probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but it was still fun. It would have been more cramped if the other 15 family members would have be able to come too.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give my niece her Cinderelly dresses. Lexi-Lou-Who got the stomach flu so we had to postpone that party until the 29th. If her mom says it’s okay, I’ll post pictures of the little princess herself. She’ll also be getting a handmade Alice in Wonderland costume and Wendy from Peter Pan costume from my mom – it’ll be a very diva-centric gathering.
I’m still finishing a few Christmas gifts, but luckily I’m not due to see those people for a while – well, except for one and she’s being super patient. And I’m happy to say, her gift is turning out beautifully. All in all, Christmas has been lovely this year. I wouldn’t trade any of it…except maybe Lexi’s stomach flu.

9 thoughts on “Surviving the Holidays

  1. Anny Cook says:

    Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Have a great new year!

  2. Sandra Cox says:

    It sounds holidays are wondrous at your house. Hugs,

  3. Sounds like you had a nice if not crowded time. Too bad about your niece.

  4. Kelly Kirch says:

    Poor Lexi! Hope she feels better. I’m hoping her mom says yes, cause I’d enjoy seeing her in your wonderful dresses.

  5. Brynn Paulin says:

    Sounds like a fun time.

  6. Wow I can’t imagine. My entire family is down to 4 people, 2 of which probably wouldn’t mind never hearing from me again.

  7. Caley Greene says:

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time. Hope Lexi is feeling better.

  8. Sounds like my family. Six sisters and six brothers, most with significant others or spouses, and a good many with children (and one with a grandchild). Add that we are still quite a tight extended family and you get my mother’s siblings, their children and grandchildren as well. I’m fairly sure even the local SWAT team would hesitate to intervene.

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