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0 thoughts on “Sticking My Head Above Water

  1. That looks just like the mess in my office!Good luck on your manuscript. Writing is more important than blogging. We like to read your blog posts, but we LOVE to read your novels!

  2. Sandra Cox says:

    Wishing you luck, Bron…..

  3. Kelly Kirch says:

    It’s wonderful. Last I heard you were plugging away. Whats the word count now?

  4. Just finished Celtic Fire. Loved it!When I first saw the pic, I thought you’d snapped one of my desk!

  5. Go Bron go! And when you’re done take a break and check out the pictures of my boys on their birthday.

  6. Dakota Rebel says:

    Uh oh. Did someone have a birthday and not tell anyone? Hmm…who could that have been?Huh.XoXoXoDakota

  7. Anny Cook says:

    Heh. That looks like what my office used to be. Fortunately… I no longer have anyone plunking stuff on my desk except me.Best wishes with the project! I finished my last ms… Bishop’s book. Now wading through the next so I’m offering all the encouragement that I can! Go, girl!

  8. I’m being a bad blogger, too, but I did post something today. Finally.The last two weeks of school should be illegal.

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