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I have the white-hot rage of a thousand fiery suns.

(I apologize in advance for my excessive use of the interrobang, but no other punctuation will do. )

Yesterday, I was at the orthodontist’s office waiting for Corwin, and this family sat down next to me – mom, son and daughter. The little girl couldn’t have been older than 8.

The mom hands her copies of two magazines – “Girls” and “Teen Vogue” and says, “Here, you should read these. They talk about important things like makeup and clothes and what boys like.”

(Those words literally came out of her mouth.)

And of course the kid took the magazines and started flipping through them.

Are you fucking kidding me!? These are the lessons that you want to impart to your children!? That if you’re a girl, the important things in life are makeup, clothes and what boys like!? And if you’re a boy, that girls are are so invested in what your gender likes that there are entire magazine devoted to the subject!? That you’re the center of the world, and that girls exist to orbit around you like the fucking sun!?

I quickly (and nicely) pointed out other magazines and books, but hell, no one wants advice from the crazy lady in the waiting room.

Fair enough.

I also did not stab this woman in the back of the neck with my knitting needles, though I was beyond tempted. I think the receptionist sensed that and called me up to schedule Corwin’s next appointment before blood could be shed.

I am beyond horrified (and furious) though. Heaven forbid this kid develop interests of her own. Nope, mom’s got that covered.

Parenting is hard. It’s fun as hell, but it’s hard, and I understand that none of us are doing it right a hundred percent of the time. I know I’m not. But come the fuck on! Why would you set your child up for a lifetime of eating disorders, an inferiority complex, sacrificing her sense of self for men and god knows what all else. I’m still too angry to think straight. 

I’m sure that the mom didn’t set out thinking, hey, how can I fuck over my kids. But the thing is, she’s conditioning this child to let the media think for her. She’s conditioning both of her kids to think that boys are more important than girls. 

And if all this isn’t bad enough, I came across this news story this morning. This clearly gifted young tennis player just won a major tennis thing (look, if you want technical terms, you’re gonna have to read the article. Sports are so not my thing.) and instead of asking her about her game, how she felt about the win or anything else to do with the fact that she just accomplished something really great, this reporter asked her which celebrity she’d like to date. 

I’ll wait here while that sinks in. 

Here’s the link to the article if you’d like to read the whole, awful story

There is something seriously wrong with our culture.

0 thoughts on “Somehow, I managed, to *not* stab this bitch.

  1. Well said Bron! Whoop! Having two children myself, I understand how difficult modern times can be, with negative vs. positive influences. My goal is to raise my children so they have an open mind, know right from wrong, have a belief in a higher power (too many kids think they're God) and have respect for the fellow humans, women and elders. My kids know I am flexible on many things, but not when it comes to respect. I value my children's opinion, but they know Moms rule – you are free to disagree with my opinion, as long as it's done respectfully. My personal feeling is too many “parents” leave the rearing of their children to outside sources, whether it be the tv, video games, cell phone, etc. What can we possibly expect from a generation who is growing up without guidance, believing having a relationship & friendship means you text all day? I say we are not only in trouble now, but it's only going to get worse until parents step back up and take RESPONSIBILITY FOR THOSE THEY BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD! Being a parent doesn't mean you see your kids at mealtime. Being a parent means you KNOW what's going on in your children's lives, you're involved in every aspect (whether silently, or not), that you are there to teach them right from wrong, as well as raising them with a level of awareness and self respect so when they need to make a decision, they can base it off of confidence rather than insecurity. Many of our kids are in crisis. Many of their parents are self-absorbed teens, more interested in seeking the next man/woman to glom onto, rather than raising their children. We live in a “ME” world. I work to raise my children in a “WE” world, regardless what anyone thinks. *hugs* =)

  2. Siobhan Muir says:

    I'm impressed you didn't stab her, too, Bronwyn. I have two girls and I've taught them they're beautiful as they are, smarts are better than makeup, and boys are just girls with trucks (lol). I want them to learn reading, sports, and art, and what's really important is treating all people with respect and not taking crap from others. I want to raise smart, strong women who will take over for me when my time is done, so makeup and boys' interests aren't really hot topics in the Muir household. 🙂

  3. Amber Skyze says:

    I have 3 duaghters and I'd never have them read so they can learn what boys like. I'm always telling my girls to get school and travel out of the way before getting into a serious relationship or starting a family.
    And my son has always been taught how to treat a lady properly.
    Not sure if any of it stuck but damn, I gave it my best effort. 😉
    PS…you should've stabbed her. LOL

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