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It’s no secret that I love to be crafty. Well, one of the things I really enjoy doing is making cards. My dear, darling Brynn got me into it a few years go when she had a stamping party. We don’t do it all the time, but when we do, we have a blast and holy cow, you should see the cards Brynn makes. They’re mailable works of art!

So Thursday night, after rescheduling since November, I went to her house to get crafty. We knew we were going to need a new craft table, so the plan was I’d head over and we’d go to Sam’s Club and pick one up. That part worked just fine. We got to the store, found the one she’d picked out earlier (along with some super yummy cream cheese frosting cupcakes) and checked out. Easy peasy.

We got to Brynn’s Tracker and she laid the seats down and tried to get the table into the back. It stuck out through both of the back doors. We turned it on an angle. This time it only stuck out through one of the doors. To be fair, we probably could have gotten it to fit long-way between the front seats…only her back hatch is broken so there was no way to turn the table in the right position to try it.

We decided to tie it to the roof. Only…there was no rope or bungee cords in the car. So I table sat while Brynn ran back inside the store to get something. She came out a while later having made the discovery that Sam’s carried neither rope nor bungee cords. o.O

So she headed across the street to the Wal-mart next door, wading though snowbanks and sliding on the ice, while I again table sat. (It was very well behaved.) After a slightly longer wait, Brynn returned victorious with blue nylon cord and a scissors to cut it with. (It’s important to point out here, that I would have come back without the scissors and would have had to trudge back again.)

What should have been a thirty minute run to the store was now bordering on an hour and a half. We got the table tied to the roof, and I started to laugh. In my head, I heard my dad’s most oft quoted advice, “You can always use a good piece of rope.” Brynn, being a boy scout leader, ties waaaaaaaay better knots than I do, but we still got the table home in one piece. She put the remainder of the rope in the backseat, and now she’ll always have a good piece of rope handy. And we still got a bunch of cards made and had fun doing it – so go us. šŸ˜€

0 thoughts on “So it seems Dad was right. Again.

  1. Chris says:

    And it went from being an evening of crafting into a veritable crafting adventure!! šŸ™‚

    I have a couple bungee cords in the car, but I think I need to stock up again, since I've been raiding them for cupboard doors as Chaos expands his cupboard opening campaign…

    Also, you totally need a little Swiss Army knife a scissors on it for your key chain. So handy! šŸ™‚

  2. Amber Skyze says:

    I'd say the crafty part started at Sam's. Glad it worked out for you ladies. šŸ™‚

  3. Oh, btw….did the cupcakes make it home? Or were they snacked on during the getting-the-table-tied-into-position or table-sitting adventure?

  4. Brynn Paulin says:

    And then there were those people who totally thought we were a couple, especially when you were done with the scissors and stuck them in my back pocket 'cause you didn't have pockets.

    Oh the adventures we have šŸ™‚

  5. Brynn Paulin says:

    Molly – cupcakes made it home intact.

  6. Mia Watts says:

    LOL! I was getting ready to read a post about you sprawled across the table, atop Brynn's Tracker, clutching the sides for dear life as she drove it home.

    Bronwyn. The living knot.

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