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Well…it’s that time of year. T-minus six days ’til Halloween and I’ve been chained to my sewing machine. This year, I don’t have as many costumes to make as usual.

Corwin wanted to be a Clone Trooper more than anything, so he saved up his birthday money and bought the voice changing Clone Trooper helmet while I tried to figure out how to make the armor. Luckily, we already had a blaster. This is what I came up with. Yep…the utility belt actually holds stuff. After all, what good is a non-functioning utility belt?

Killian, bless his heart, only needs a salt shaker and a knife – he’s going as “Assault (a salt) with a deadly weapon.”

Now I just have to make a pair of dark faery wings for B, an 80s outfit for Jess (since when did the clothing I wore in high school become relegated to the land of costumes?) and an Edwardian frock coat, fit for a vampire for my sister, Cait.

Yeah…it’s time to hit the sewing room again.

Anybody else out there making costumes?

0 thoughts on “Sewing like a mad fiend…

  1. KellyMarstad says:

    No. I leave that to sewing mad-fiends.

  2. Ashley Ladd says:

    The costome looks amazing. Although I inherited my mom’s sewing machine, I didn’t inherit her sewing skills. I can’t sew a straight line. I can barely thread the machine’s needle. I know she’s rolling over in her grave.

  3. KellyMarstad says:

    My brother had a friend once who painted his face with lipstick, put mayo in his mouth and then push his fists into his cheeks. He was a zit that year.

  4. My daughter wants black wings; toddler keeps changing his mind from Hulk to Batman. We’re buying his costume tomorrow.Love Killian’s idea! Any ‘cereal’ killers this year, ha ha?The closest I come to sewing is mending seam rips and putting buttons back on shirts.Believe it or not, my spouse uses the sewing machine! I just have to tolerate his snotty remarks while he’s using it.

  5. Sandra Cox says:

    Love the clone trooper outfit. I’m afraid sewing machines and I parted company a long time ago….I really admire people that are good at it.

  6. A salt with a deadly weapon, hahaha I love that kid.

  7. Anny Cook says:

    Wow! I loved all the ideas! And I’m sooooo thankful that I don’t have to worry about that!

  8. A salt with a deadly weapon. ROTFLOL. Me? Sew costumes? That’s what grandma is for. She made us a very cool elf cloak this year.

  9. The costume is great! I don’t have any costume making to do this year but in the past I made all the costumes for my younger brothers and my nieces and nephews. I remember hand painting the skeleton on a black sweatsuit for one nephew. Anatomy book on one side, glow in the dark white paint on the other.

  10. I’m still working on Christian’s “Strong Bad” costume for Halloween. I don’t care what Martha Stewart says, it is NOT just as easy to glue fleece as to sew it. So, it has turned into the “Painstakingly handstitched homemade costume from HELL.” I got the hardest part done, the mask, but I need to still make the shoe covers. And the boxing gloves, did I mention those haven’t arrived yet?! I haven’t even gotten a “Hey we shipped these!” yet! Good thing I shelled out the bucks for the two day air mail.Now, the hardest part is finding black sweatpants. GRARG.

  11. Cait says:

    With as cool as your kids are, I look forward to the day they surpass the exalted glory and horror of Laura and Kelly as Pope Sexcellent the First and Hurricane Katrina.

  12. Cool costume. Bug wanted to be a witch this year, but ended up as a colonial girl and we’ll be doing the witch next year. I have to make a cloak for her and either something Greek (great for inside, not so much for outside) or new garb before Friday.

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