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So, I’m picking up Killian, Justin and Mitchell last week and they all throw themselves in the car because it’s freezing out and Mitchell is singing along with his iTouch. Badly.

Justin: Mitchell! Are you freaking singing an Owl City song?!

Mitchell: (sheepishly) Yeah

Justin: Seriously dude, you’re only supposed to put them on your iPod so chicks think you’re sensitive. You’re not supposed to like that shit!

Mitchell: I can’t help it. It’s catchy.

me: Wait, so you guys put music you hate on your mp3 players so that girls, on the off chance that they’re scrolling through your playlist, will think you’re sensitive?

Justin: Yes Mrs. Killian’s Mommy, it’s girl shorthand for “do we have anything in common?” Why do you think I have Paramore on there?”

me: Not because you like them, I’m guessing.

Justin: See, girls always want to see what kind of music you like, so I quick scroll past Children of Bodem, Devildriver, Job for a Cowboy and all of the rest of the death metal before I hand them my mp3 player. Then they say stuff like “OMG! You like Paramore?” And I say, “It’s on my playlist, isn’t it?” You gotta say it like that, ’cause it’s not cool to lie to the ladies.

me: Wow…you’ve really thought this out. Hey Killian, do you have music you hate on your zune to pickup girls?

Killian: No. The right girl will have good taste in music.

At this point, I’m cracking up and Justin is playing air guitar to some Devildriver song.

Mitchell: Dude, you’re playing your guitar wrong. You’re not gonna get the right notes that way.

A sudden silence descends over the car. After a long pause, Justin speaks.

Justin: I’m not going to get the notes right…on my air guitar,

Mitchell: Yeah. Your hand is too far up the neck and you’re getting the chords all wrong.

Justin: I’m getting the chords all wrong. On my air guitar.

Mitchell: Yeah, dude.

Justin: Mitchell…is your air guitar real?

Mitchell: Yeah. it says ‘Les Paul 1968’ on it.

Justin: Mine says ‘I-ma-gin-ar-y’ on it…for that is what it is.

me: I’m totally blogging about this.

Justin: (nodding sagely) I am indeed blogworthy.

At this point I have to pull over because I’m laughing so hard. Later we drop off Justin who’s still shaking his head at Mitchell and Killian takes Justin’s place in the front seat. Mitchell leans forward and starts playing with Killian’s hair.

Mitchell: Dude…do you use product in your hair?

Killian: No. Quit touching my hair, Mitchell

Mitchel: Do you blow dry your hair?

Killian: No. Quit touching my hair, Mitchell.

Mitchell: You should blow dry and use products. Chicks dig good hair. I have awesome hair. Don’t you think I have awesome hair?

Killian: No. Quit touching my hair, Mitchell.

me: You do have great hair, Mitchell.

Mitchell: I know, right? But seriously, dude – product and blow dryer.

Killian: No. And oh my God, Mitchell, quit touching my freaking hair!!!

I’m actually going to miss driving these dorks to and from school for the next couple weeks. If you missed the first installment, you can see it here.

0 thoughts on “Riding In Cars With Boys…The Next Installment

  1. Devon Rhodes says:

    This SOOO needs to be a regular feature! I just love it. Girls and boys are so different, aren't they? I love how civilized your “boys” are, the ones I interact with the most (my nephews) spend an inordinant amount of time whacking each other and telling each other to “shut up!”, “No, YOU shut up!”

  2. Jambrea says:

    I agree with Devon. I love hearing about your boys. OMG…SO FUNNY!

    I LOVE K's answer too…Killian: No. The right girl will have good taste in music.


    And the whole air guitar. heeheee

  3. Bwah, ha, ha, ha!
    Tristan's with Killian. Girls that don't like his music can go away.

  4. Fran Lee says:

    The right girl will run like hell from that music…LOL! Then he'll have to chase her and catch her and…um…romance writer thinking. Love the post, darlin'…

  5. Kris Norris says:

    Funny. Kyle is the opposite. He'd skip through my backstreet boys stuff and go straight for the metal to impress the chickies.

    Love the post. And I love riding with boys too. You just never know what's going to come out of their mouth.


  6. These guys are indeed blogworthy!

    I'm still chuckling!

    Thanks, Bron!


  7. GKMan says:

    Someone just sent this to me and I cracked up.
    Thanks for blogging this.


  8. LOL, that is so funny. I have a teenage daughter, so I have the opposite conversations in my car. How to pick up boys. LOL. I gotta show this blog to my daughter, she will get a kick out of it. I'm sure the first thing out of her mouth will be, “Who is Paramore?”
    You may want to info the boys, not every cute girl listens to sensitive music. ;0)

  9. kels says:

    I'll have to share with you “riding in cars with girls” sometime…whoah. Love this to pieces, and by the way…so do my girls! They read it like it was some secret they should know…Bahahaha!

  10. p.s. I read this out loud at the breakfast table and totally cracked up my hubby!

  11. This is hilarious. My boys aren't teens yet, but I'm really hoping I get to look forward to exchanges this classic.

  12. Bron,
    I love you to pieces. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

    Love, Suzanne

  13. Anny Cook says:

    Merry Christmas! It brought back good memories…

  14. I agree with Killian – The right girl *will* have good taste in music.

    Bravo, Killian!

    So sorry I missed this – I'm no longer sick – just taking a holiday.


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