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So, yesterday was my birthday and my 21st wedding anniversary. No, that’s not a typo – I was a child bride. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, last week Mitchell and Killian and I were discussing 80s music after we dropped off Justin. Mitchell was telling me that his mom likes to listen to the channel that plays all the 80s hair bands, because that’s what she listened to in high school. I told him that I preferred the 80s New Wave scene and the following conversation ensued.

me: Oh, I bet your mom and I are right around the same age.

Mitchell: (shaking his head) I don’t think so – she’s really old.

me: How old is she?

Mitchell: Thirty-eight!

me: Uh, Mitchell? I’m going to be forty-three next week.

Mitchell: (sweet, adorable shock written all over his face) Nu-uh!

me: Way.

Mitchell: You are not!

Killian: (ever the helpful child) Yeah, she totally is.

Mitchell: Are you sure?

me: Um, I’m pretty sure I know when I was born.

Mitchell: Yeah, but you are really bad at math.

me: (trying really hard not to laugh in his face) It’s true, but I’m positive about my age.

Mitchell: But you’re way too cool to be that old.

me: Thanks. I think.

Sweet, sweet, silly Mitchell. I’m not gonna lie – it kinda made my day. I’m equally certain Killian doesn’t think I’m cool at all.

0 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Five

  1. Carol Lynne says:

    I'm pretty sure Killian knows exactly how cool you are. He's just afraid to tell you. When is the school year over? I need to prepare myself for the dry spell.

  2. Mia Watts says:

    And I'm going on record to say that if that boy were legal plus several years, I'd totally wanna cuddle his cute adorable wide-eyed self. LOL.

    OH GOD! Irony! Your word verify is INOSXUA

    Which totally makes me think, innocent/sexual stuck together and fits the above comment. LOLOL
    “I'm not experienced. No, I'm…Innosexual!” – like a super power.

  3. Yep. Killian will not be able to admit you're cool until he's grown with kids of his own. Mitchell is adorable, though.

  4. Dakota Rebel says:

    Every time you post these I feel a little better about having a boy child. I hope that my boy is as cool as your boys and their friends.


  5. Chris says:

    You SO have to crank that cd next time you're in the car with them. I'm pretty sure the Tom Jones tune will scar them for life. πŸ˜€

  6. Kris Norris says:

    You have to admit, Bron… Mitchell has a point. You ARE really bad at math…

    OMFG. That was my fave comment. I sooo love that boy. And yeah… Killian knows how cool you are, he just can't say anything or he'll look not cool. It's a vicious circle kind of thing. (But not those crop circles I mentioned MIa, over on your blog πŸ˜‰

    We sooo need to get our boys together at some point. There are like freakin peas in a pod. Though I assure you girls are just as bad, and just as funny.


  7. 80's music? The worst decade for music ever! You are really old! LOL! I love your kids – they are prefect!
    Well, Mia – now the secret code word is mench – 'a good man' in Yiddish!

  8. Mia Watts says:

    Ah yes, I need one of those, Julia. I hear they are rather like the unicorn though… they are rare if at all existing and they overestimate the size of their… horns.

    WV: aingstf

    AINGST. Oh god. Bron, I think your blog KNOWS me!!

  9. “Yeah, but you are really bad at math.”

    LOLOLOL. Made my day.

    My word ver is “dingusno.”

    Dingus? No!

  10. @ Carol – Next Friday is the last day. πŸ™ It's gonna be a long, dry summer. But, I have at least one more for next week. You'll like it – it involves Mitchell and strawberry lip balm. πŸ˜‰

    @ Mrs. Robinson…I mean, Mia – I sincerely hope you're talking about cuddling Mitchell…not Killian. πŸ˜‰

    @ Cindy – Yeah, Killian's not fessing up to anything, but Mitchell is sweet. πŸ™‚

    @ Dakota – I promise, for the most part, boys are fanfreakingtastic! And any child of yours is going to be beyond cool! πŸ˜€

    @ Chris – Oh the torture, it is a'coming! πŸ˜€

    @ Kris – I know!!! That killed me!!! He's so funny. Hmmmm crop circles…must go check that out πŸ˜‰ I would love to get our boy-os together sometime. That would be awesome. πŸ˜€

    @ Julia – It's true…I AM old – but I still love me some 80s music. It's especially handy for child torturing.

    @ Mia – my blog not only knows you, but it's *judging* you. πŸ˜€

  11. @ Marg – Apparently my legacy is Math Fail. Sigh…


  12. Jess says:

    LOLOL those boys make me smile and laugh every time.

    @ Dakota Don't let anyone tell you different–male children rock. I have 2 of each and know of which I speak. Of course, the girls are fab too but it's the boys that have me cracking up on a daily basis.

    Bron hope your birthday was stupendous and happy belated anniv.

    FWIW, wv is 'ousli'–wtf is that???


  13. Mia Watts says:

    I don't know what a “dingus snicker” is, but I must incorporate it into my bag o' tricks.

    Totally Mitchell. Killian would be like incest. He's like my veryclosetomyownageshutupitstrue little brother. So ew. Plus, ew. He's awesome but nuh-uh, though I do remember declaring at the IHOP that I'm “totally cool”. Yes. I'm preening.

    It IS judging me!!!! My new word verify is Hoonest. And I am being hoonest so shut up blogger!

  14. Mia Watts says:

    missed a word. sigh.

    KILLIAN said, at the IHOP, that I'm totally cool, or was it awesome? I just remember him looking at me and nodding with that 15 year old smirk on his face and saying, “Mom, your friends are totally cool.”


  15. CLJ says:

    I have to say, reading these totally make my day.

    And I then have to explain to co-workers why I'm giggling for no apparent reason.

  16. Chris says:

    Oh, DO report back on the musical torture results, Bron! Bwa-ha-ha!

  17. Mia Watts says:

    Just an idea but maybe you could invite the boys over to your house every other week. Keep a recorder on them so you can do your work, then weed out the spectacular Mitchell Moments for later Boyz consumption on your blog.

    Yes, I'm volunteering you and your abundant free time.

    wv: refecha
    I'm insulted now. I'm not a dog to go fetching once, let alone TWICE. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!

  18. Mia Watts says:

    Sandy, that could be me. I posted her link today on my blog, but Bron is kinda well hooked up in the Internet community. Coulda been any one of her fangirls.

  19. Another great post, Bron!

    Anyone who'd even consider that dragon ear cuff would have to be cool…

    I like the Captcha Rorschach thing you've
    got going here too…


  20. Anny Cook says:

    Yeah, he knows. Happy, happy birthday!

  21. I listened to (and still do) 80's alternative – I wonder what that makes me? LOL

    It always makes my day when I hear a friend of one of my kids say, “THAT'S your MOM?”


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