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Well, in typical Bronwyn fashion, I managed to injure myself yesterday. Chuck Norris may be able to slam a revolving door, but Bronwyn Green cannot. Needless to say, my big toe and second toe are horribly bruised and swollen. Yes…I am amazing. Sigh…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but this hotel sucks out loud. I feel like we’re trying to vacation in a demilitarized zone. Wires hanging from the ceiling, plaster dust everywhere, elevators that work poorly if at all – at least I have a bathroom sink, though. There’s one poor woman who just has a hole in her counter top. Also, the staff seems completely unprepared for a conference of this size. Here’s hoping next year’s is much better.

Last night was the Faery Ball. There were so many great costumes there. I think my favorite was the woman who dressed as Ursula from The Little Mermaid – she did an awesome job. Of course, Brynn Paulin and Jennifer Armintrout were freaking fantastic too. If only I had a USB cable I could show you, but I forgot to bring it. I’ll get all the pictures downloaded as soon as I get home and post them.

As much fun as I’m having, I’m also ready to go home. I miss the kids, the hubby and the cats – not to mention sleeping in my own bed. But at the same time, I hate to leave all of the great people I’m hanging out with here.

Tonight is the Vampire Ball. I can’t wait to see what insanity ensues!

0 thoughts on “Pittsburgh…day five

  1. Well geez. You think the hotel would have been better prepared and have the construction more organized.I couldn’t stand being away from my boys. I’d have to hire someone to live in my house to take care of Mouse while I was away.

  2. Dear dog, how long is this conference? The ones I go to only last a weekend…Clearly, my genre is missing out.

  3. Would it have been a successful trip if you had NOT been injured, ha ha? This seems to be ‘just something you do’:)Hahaha…Barb pointed out which one you were, and I got it right! Can’t wait to see your pics of the Faery Ball, as I had no idea who everyone was. Costumes were definitely fantastic:)

  4. Ashley Ladd says:

    Hope your toes feel better. No more injuries allowed.The hotels for RT always seem to suck. Maybe RT is just so big and so wild they have no clue what they’re getting into. But they must have other conferences.

  5. Sandra Cox says:

    It sounds like its been a wonderful experience, Bron!

  6. Sandra Cox says:

    Except for the toes:(

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