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For Wednesday Randomness, we’re talking about our search histories.

So…yeah.  This should be interesting. These are the things I’ve searched for recently.

1. Can animals take Tramadol – Sometimes you need to know this stuff for research, people.

2. Tim Minchin – Let’s be honest…my love for this man knows no bounds.

3.YA blog tours – This is going to be a thing for me in the relatively nearish future.

4.How do you get rid of milia – I hate those little bastards. HATE THEM. Also, the answer is there really is no real way to get rid of them.

5 Arbor Society Grand Rapids – My Rowan tree died. 🙁

6. BBC Merlin – Do you think those pictures for the Friday blog posts look themselves up?

7. Who to call for the Saturn ignition recall – Fucking car…

8. Field Sobriety Test – Research. Accuracy is important.

9. Advair Diskus coupons – even with insurance that shit is 210$ a month.

10. How long does it take a rice cooker to cook brown rice? – Yes…I did lose my instruction booklet. Why do you ask?

11. Glass gem heirloom corn seeds for sale – for my attempt at a garden!

12. How often should you water seeds planted in organic seed starter mix? – Also gardeny stuff.

13. Apple Macbook – Hey…a girl can dream…

14. Jesus Christ Superstar National Tour Cast – This seems pretty self-explanatory. Also, the dude from the Sex Pistols is playing Herod!

15. Burning Man live feed – I was curious…

16. Sam Claflin – He’s pretty. I can’t help it.

17. How long does it take for a body to decompose in cold water? – Asking for a friend.

18. Rip Currents in Lake Michigan – helllooooooo research

19. How many students are enrolled at U of M? – more actual research

20. How do you spell the name of Thor’s hammer?  – In case you’re wondering, it’s Mjölnir.

21. Parts of a sailboat – also research.

22. Nutrition information for So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut Creamer – trying to find a creamer substitute. *sigh*

23. Catchall – one word or two?

24. Do nsaids cause weight gain? Answer: taken in excess, they can.

25. Ichiban menu – that’s where we took Killian for his birthday supper.

26. Jamieson Shetland Heather Aran – Look, I like yarn. A lot.

27. Promotion code for Knitpicks – Look, I might have mentioned I like yarn a lot. I also like to get it as cheaply as possible.

28. Camelot Dyeworks – Okay, it’s more yarn. I admit it. I have a sickness, people.

29. Death Star pillow pattern – What? Christmas is coming…

30. Creature that feeds off of innocence – Research. Just research.

So, what kind of gems are hiding in your search history? Wanna see what the other WR bloggers have been searching? Click their names below!


0 thoughts on “Oh dear…my internet search history. Let me share it with you.

  1. I love it! A lot of your history matches mine like about bodies and stuff. Oh and yarn. I didn't think about putting yarn. Because I'm a dork. But I love to look at yarn and yarn patterns and more yarn. Did I mention I love yarn???

  2. Uh oh, my recent search history is so boring but also clearly indicates what's going on around here! Basement contractors, electricians, plumbers, how to remove asbestos floor tiles….damn that August flood.
    I WISH some of it had to do with writing research!!

  3. MissyMonster says:

    Sure the dead body is “research”… 😉

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