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Last Friday, I took Killian, Justin and Not-Kevin out for our annual end of the year breakfast at iHop. I asked the hostess to seat us away from everyone else, explaining that it was just better that way. But she apparently didn’t get the clue, and put us smack in the middle of the restaurant.

While we were waiting for the food, they came up with an idea for a screenplay involving super polite Canadian zombies who actually ask before biting. And there was a Mountie in there too who was too polite to say no when the zombies asked, so…

My favorite part was when Not-Kevin did dialogue illustrating the differences between Yooper, Canadian and Minnesotan accents. It was brilliant.

That same day, Corwin had a civil war reenactment at school involving marshmallows and a water balloon cannon that he’d made with his friends Gray and Andrew using a length of PVC pipe and a little tykes shopping cart. I wish I’d thought to get a picture of it, because it was pretty brilliant.

Corwin was, of course, bitter because “no one was following the rules of war.” I told him I didn’t think there were rules to war. I got the look and a scathing, “they could at least try to have some honor is all I’m saying.”

Saturday was the first of the graduation parties. I was totally channeling my mother, because in addition to the check for Justin, I was also knitting him a pair of slippers. I’d finished one before I’d gotten there, but I still had about four rows plus decreasing for the toe, so I decided to just finish them while I was there. Because I am my mother’s daughter, I’d brought my yarn needle and scissors so I could finish those bad boys up. Justin was thrilled because his feet are always cold.

While we were sitting outside visiting (and knitting) it started to rain, so I hauled my purse and knitting bag inside. It cleared up, so we went back out. Rinse, repeat. Finally, it was time to go and one of the other guests couldn’t find her car keys anywhere. We did the obligatory glancing around, but they were nowhere to be found. I had to get Not-Kevin home, so we took off. We got about twenty miles away when the phone rang. It was Justin’s mom asking me to look in my purse for the keys. I said that we’d look, but I was sure they weren’t there.

Yeah. About that.

Her keys were totally in my purse.

Had to drive alllllll the way back and shamefacedly drop them off. I still have no clue how they got in there. Killian has a theory, though. His theory is that my purse is a black hole and while we were outside, my purse was actually sucking the moisture from the air causing it to rain which is why it stopped every time we went into the house. And at some point, it sucked the keys into gaping maw, too.

So. Embarrassed.

Yesterday was quiet. We were supposed to go out to eat and celebrate our anniversary (23 years! O.O) and my birthday, but the boys and Matt both caught my damn cold…so celebrating will have to wait. But I did have a fantastic post birthday lunch today with Brynn Paulin, Mia Watts and Jennifer Armintrout!

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  1. I completely believe that your purse is a black hole. Makes perfect sense.

  2. Chris says:

    Those boys! πŸ™‚

    D'oh! I am a bad friend! πŸ™ Belated happy birthday!!!!

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