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The awesometastic Janna awarded me with the Gnome Approved Sexy Blog award! Thanks Janna!

<img src="" alt="[gnome.

And…I got new cover art! Immortal Curse will be out from Resplendence Publishing on Tuesday, March 16th!

It’s a ghost story based on a visit I made to a local abandoned schoolhouse with my friends Kelly and Jen.

I went with Kelly around midnight on Halloween, 2009 and Jen a few days later.

Here are a few

pictures from each visit.

0 thoughts on “New stuff to look at

  1. Kim Dare says:

    WOW! No other word for that cover.

    The cover gods really smiled on you this time!

  2. Chris says:

    Yay for the nearly-here release!

  3. Hooray for the new book!

  4. I like it!!!! Congrats:)

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