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This special collection of prose and poetry was created by survivors of sexual discrimination and/or abuse.

These pieces were written specifically for audio and present a range of emotion, including anger. For too long, victims have been told to be quiet, to keep a secret, to be ashamed, to be blamed, and we now say No More. It is time to speak. It is time to form a chorus of voices that demand change. This anthology is a way to channel those experiences into something inspiring, moving, and encourages others to action.

I’ve heard a number of survivors say that they doubt Christine Blasey Ford’s account of sexual assault, because they remember every single second of their assault. So, obviously, she must be lying. 

It was hard enough when people who hadn’t been assaulted were saying things like this, but hearing survivors express the same sentiment has been a gutting experience. And it’s especially heartbreaking knowing the kind of sacrifices Dr. Ford has made in an attempt to be heard. 

But she’s not alone when it comes to forgetting pertinent details. 

For instance, I don’t remember how old I was—somewhere between ten and twelve. A tween—though that wasn’t a word that existed back then. I don’t remember the date.