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I lie to myself about time all the fucking time.

Literally, every damn day.

It goes something like this:

*looks at heaping pile of fabric, mentally cuts out and constructs costume in head, looks at calendar, looks back at fabric*

“Eh…I’ve got plenty of time.”

*goes back to writing/reading, looks up at heaping pile of fabric a week later and begins frantically cutting and sewing and staying up until stupid o’clock to get it done on time*

Replace heaping pile of fabric with literally anything and everything else that I have to do, and the problem becomes painfully apparent.

Someday, I’ll learn.

(No I won’t. That’s a lie, too.)

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5 thoughts on “Name one thing you’ve lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?

  1. Petra says:

    I’m not someone who generally lies, to myself or others but there was one occasion when I think my brain couldn’t cope with the truth. After my kid was born and the epidural wore off I realized his birth had been a “trigger” (I have CRPS which is a chronic pain condition that spreads to other areas of the body) and the labour pain I’d been in was still there. I convinced myself it was because I’d gained weight during my pregnancy and went on the crashiest of crash diet and lost it all in about two months. Obviously weight loss didn’t work and I got profoundly depressed. In a meeting with my gp I finally admitted what had happened, that the labour pain was permanent and it would make a huge difference to my life. My GP actually wept as he prescribed me anti depressants. He is such a wonderful dude who’s been my doctor since I was 18. I regularly joke he’s not allowed to retire until I die. Anyway that’s my one big lie.

  2. Gwen Cease says:

    LOL! I hear you on that! The only thing I never procrastinated on was the papers I had to write in college. Let me take that back, I had to learn not to procrastinate. When you have 8 papers due and you work fulltime you gotta stay on task.

  3. Siobhan Muir says:

    Shh! Don’t give away the secret (that no, I really don’t have time to do that). LOL Great post, Bronwyn.

  4. Pansy Petal says:

    Is that why the pile a fabric is STILL over there in the corner! I really need to get working on that. I have been saying I need a new flannel night gown for YEARS! But . . . I am still wearing my summer night gown. *sigh* Maybe now that it is almost summer, I can get on that “new flannel” one. Yep! On that. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Well . . . until next year anyway. 😛

    1. admin says:

      OMG!!! PANSY!!! I had a flannel nightgown cut out for THREE YEARS!!! I didn’t make it until this past February when Jess was here because we were going to an AirBnB, and I had no idea if I was going to freeze my ass off in my summer nightie. Jess liked it so much, we ended up hitting the fabric store, and I made her a plaid flannel one like it the day before she went home – lol! (BTW, if you cut it out, I’ll sew it for you. 😉 )

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