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I’m sure no one here will be surprised to hear that I screwed up.


When I panicked and dragged myself out of bed last night to draw a winner for the M.H. Mead contest, I thought it was the 4th. You know, the day I was supposed to draw the winner.

Evidently, it was the 3rd.

I know.

They’re called calendars. I should really take some time and figure out how they work.

However, Margaret is AWESOME. And she’s volunteered to send ebooks to everyone that entered!

Yep, you read that right.

And I have to say, I love this book. So much. Near-future sci-fi at its creepiest best!

So a huge thank you to Margaret and Harry for being freaking amazing.

And for those who benefited from my idiocy…you’re welcome.

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  1. Everyone who entered has been sent ebooks. If you haven't received yours, (and it's not hiding in your spam folder), please contact Bronwyn Green and let her know so we can get you your book.

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