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I’m pretty easy to please, really.

If it’s an at-home kind of a date, bring me some of this, cwtch* up on the couch with me to watch a movie, and I’m your girl.


If it’s a going-out-where-there-are-people-and-I-have-to-wear-shoes kind of a date, I’m good with not going anyplace fancy. I’m not really big into dressing up, and it’s better for the safety of anyone in the immediate vicinity, if I don’t try to wear heels.

Is there cheese involved? I’m probably down for whatever it is. Unless eating the cheese somehow requires wearing uncomfortable shoes. Then, I’ll pass.

Beach picnic to watch the sun go down and a storm roll in? I’m there.

New Star Wars movie? Let’s do it, but I do want popcorn.

Bookstore and you’re buying? Just let me get my shoes on.

Live music? As long as it’s an artist or genre I like (picky, I know, but try all you want, I’m not going to see Nickelback), let’s go.

Ren Faire? Let me grab that crown of flowers.

See? I’m pretty easy to please.

*  Cwtch is an actual word. It’s Welsh for cuddling up together. Weirdly, it’s also the word for that spot under the stairs. Basically, Harry Potter lived in a cwtch.

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3 thoughts on “My Ideal Date

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    I would so take you on a date to a bookstore. LOL! Let me get my shoes on

  2. kris norris says:

    Seriously? You had to bash Nickelback in a ‘dating’ blog. I still don’t know how we are friends. I’m going to blare them every morning as wake up roll call at the cabin. GAME. FUCKING. ON.

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