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It’s another edition of Wednesday Randomness, and this week, we’re blogging about our collections. And, I didn’t really realize how many I had…until I started wandering around the house taking pictures. I’m not even including the fabric or yarn, because, well, this shit is already out of control – as evidenced from the following pictures.

First off, there’s my vintage tea set. I’ve always loved Cottageware – my Gram had a set that I adored. But I fell in love with this PriceKensington pattern, and I’ve been slowly collecting it. It’s nowhere near complete, but it’s getting there. I’ve found a bunch of pieces in antique stores in the U.P., and my very awesome friend, Kim, has sent me several pieces from shops in Wales. Which, coincidentally, is where my Gram’s set came from.

Rocks. I know…it seems like a silly collection, but I really love rocks. I was always that kid who came home with pockets full of rocks. I’m still that kid. Everywhere I go, I pick up rocks. My friends bring me rocks home from their travels. My kids pick up pretty stones for me.These are just a small sampling. Read: places in my house where I didn’t have to clean in order to take pictures.

I’m a fan of driftwood, too. As you can probably see.

I also collect books on Arthurian Legend. Other than the complete works of Chaucer and Shakespeare, this is all Arthurian stuff in this bookcase. Oh, look…more rocks.

And fairy tales! I freaking love fairy tales. I’ve got stories from tons of different cultures  – both modern and traditional stories. Brand new books and antiques. I love them all.

Okay…what else…oh! Skeleton keys. I adore them. I’ve been collecting them ever since my Gram gave me the skeleton key to her house. Sometimes, I even wear them as necklaces. I don’t have these displayed anywhere. But, I’m thinking of making a mobile with some of them.

Charms – these are all in one, chunky dangerous place. This bracelet doubles as a weapon. But it’s also a collection of memories. Each charm has a specific meaning and memory that accompanies it.

Okay, so that’s pretty much it for my collections. I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff the other bloggers have! Because I’m nosy. Click their names along with me and we’ll all find out what they’re hoarding. 😀


0 thoughts on “My Collections

  1. I love the rocks!! I pick up rocks too. I brought home and number of them from Washington State. I keep them in my fountain.

  2. I have rocks in a fountain, too! 🙂

  3. MissyMonster says:

    I love your collections. The Cottageware is so cool! I've never seen that. I love the skeleton key collection too.

    My collections:
    Books (of course)
    Board games
    Halloween stuff (all year)
    Wine bottles (though I don't really drink wine I like ones with a paranormal touch)
    Goofy stuff (Disney not just goofy things in general although that's not quite true either hehe)

    I used to collect Barbie dolls but I'm trying to get rid of them

    I somehow amassed a collection of totes, luggage, and shot glasses and not actually on purpose (well shot glasses were half on purpose)

  4. Louisa Bacio says:

    Have had this open all day! love seeing your collections!

    Thanks for sharing.

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