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It’s that time of the month, again–time to see what I accomplished, and what I didn’t.

Okay, so last month, I said I’d:

  • Release Rewritten (Yep!)
  • Finish all my scheduled blog posts (Yep)
  • Continue writing daily (Mostly)
  • Finish building the websites (Two out of three…)
  • Make progress on some re-releases I’ll be putting out (Nope!)
  • Complete the assigned audio preps (Yep)
  • Complete the spreadsheet for my friend’s business (Yep…but, it wasn’t quite what she was hoping for, so it needs to be redone.)
  • Finally sort out the bedding and purge my clothes (Nope)
  • Finish two very late Christmas presents (Nope, but I made progress.)

So, for October, my goals are:

  • Finish the rewrite of Under Your Spell
  • Finish all of my scheduled blog posts
  • Finish building the last website
  • Complete the assigned audiobook preps
  • Sort bedding and purge my clothes
  • Finish the two very, very late Christmas presents
  • Start holiday shopping
  • Send out review requests
  • Finish the coursework for the surprise class I took in September
  • Complete scheduled client edits

I think that’s all I’m actually going to schedule for right now. Be sure to check in with Jess, too, and see what she’s got going.


0 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Check-In: September 2017

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  2. Pansy Petal says:

    You know, following your monthly goals this year, (Can you believe it is almost October? Eek!) has been inspirational. Goal setting is something that I only had an intellectual knowledge of. Seeing the process laid out like this in an every day way, how it was done, and what you accomplished, it’s like Wow! *light bulb* I thank you for sharing this process. I have learned some things.

    That being said, I am still working on that craft room. But hey! I am working on it! It is almost organized. I only have a little more sorting to do then I can start sewing. That is if I can set down the knitting needles long enough. I think I have made enough socks and wristers for a small platoon this month. And the local DHS has been thoroughly stocked with afghans of different sizes for the foster kids that come in. I am thinking hats and scarves next. It is getting cooler. 😀 And I have found the cutest patterns for some stuffed toys. Depleting the stash means I don’t have to find room for it, don’t ya know. 😀 Then I will HAVE to buy some more. Now that sounds like fun!

    1. Bronwyn says:

      For me, my bullet journal has been the BIGGEST help with goal setting and getting organized. Before, I’d have sort of nebulous goals, and now, they’re much more solidified–not to mention quantifiable. And I like coloring in the little boxes. 😀

      I LOVE that you’re busting through your stash of yarn by making stuff for your local DHS!!! I just want to hug you! And send you yarn! This makes me so happy! You absolutely rock!

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