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Man, I’ve been kicking ass this month. My goals were:

  • Finish the rewrite of Under Your Spell  (Ummmm…no. But I’ve made progress.)
  • Finish all of my scheduled blog posts  (Yep.)
  • Finish building the last website  (Nope.)
  • Complete the assigned audiobook preps  (Did 6. And I’ll finish the last by the 31st.) 
  • Sort bedding and purge my clothes. (Not yet, but I might still get to it by Monday.)
  • Finish the two very, very late Christmas presents. (Getting much closer!)
  • Start holiday shopping. (Yep.)
  • Send out review requests (Yep.)
  • Finish the coursework for the surprise class I took in September. (Yep.)
  • Complete scheduled client edits. (Finished all 4.)

And for the bonus round, I also created a new lesson for a coaching client, did a metric fuckton of market research, updated one of the websites I manage, read three books, and mapped out a holiday project with Jess,

So, for next month, my goals are:

  • Finish all of my scheduled blog posts.
  • Write and practice my presentation on POV for the November GRRWG meeting.
  • Finish the guest blog posts I agreed to.
  • Finish my part of the holiday project.
  • Finish the two very, very late Christmas presents.
  • Finish sewing at least four holiday gifts.
  • Continue the holiday shopping.
  • Complete scheduled audio preps.
  • Complete scheduled client edits.
  • Finish building the last client website.
  • Continue rewrites of re-release books.
  • Read three more books.
  • Sort the bedding and purge my clothes if I don’t finish that this month.

Okay, I think that’s everything for now. What are your goals for the month? Be sure to check out Jess‘ check-in, too!


0 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Check-In: October 2017

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  2. Pansy Petal says:

    You do stay busy! Good for you. That sorting and purging . . . It can be so hard. I finally got my craft space into working order. The sorting and purging I did there. Having my yarn stash organized is so nice. I can find what I want! This week I started making hats for Christmas boxes. Fun! Now for the fabric! I see many quilts in my future!

    1. Bronwyn says:

      You are doing so well with all the purging and crafting!!! I’m so excited for you. Have you been taking pics of the stuff you’re making?

  3. jarmanjess says:

    You are doing awesome! I am seriously in awe of all you accomplish. I want to be you when I grow up.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      Honey, I have eight less people to work around than you do. I really think that’s the only difference. <3 *HUGS*

  4. Torrance Sené says:

    Damn, woman. How do you do all of this?!

    1. Bronwyn says:

      Um…desperation? 😀

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