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Welp…apparently, I was a little over ambitious in terms of what I thought I could get done this month. Well…that’s not exactly true. I did get a lot done. It’s just that most of the finished items weren’t the things I mentioned in last month’s blog.

Let’s review, shall we?.

This was my list:

Finish revising and expanding Mist and Stone. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No.)

Progress on DN & EP  (No to DN. What the fuck is EP?!)

Continue with that damn yoga program and exercise program. (GIant NOPE.)

Update Writing Bujo (Yes! Finally. Sheesh.)

Put together Publishing and Promo Bujo (Oh good, another yes!)

Knit 4 more pussyhats. (I knitted 6.5!)

Continue with whatever’s next on the Organized Home Challenge. (Kiiiinnnda. A couple didn’t apply to this house and I’m finishing up the last one.)

Finish at least two of the three websites. (Still waiting on info from two of the three, but made progress on them.)

Complete all client edits. (I completed the ones I knew about when I made these goals. I did get some extras tacked on at the end of the month.)

Complete all March blog posts. (Yep.)

In total, I edited six novels and a short story, (I’ve got 2.5 to go), I started a new book I’m super excited about, I finished a short story for the newsletter and Jess and I got the newsletter out, I knitted 6.5 pussyhats and I have 3.5 to go, I helped gut the upstairs, and collected a bunch of stuff for donation, together with Jess, I wrote 20(!) taglines, I did some formatting work, some sewing, developed a promo plan with Jess, and helped my mom with a nightmarish cleaning project.

Okay, so…for the month of April, I want to:

Finish the client edits I have scheduled.

Complete all April blog posts.

Finish up work on 2 of the (now) 5 websites I’m working on.

Knit 3.5 pussyhats

Progress on new book and Mist & Stone.

Continue with the Organized Home Challenge

Finish sorting stuff for donation.

Sew more journal covers and open Etsy site.

Okay, that’s probably enough for one month. Now, let’s go see how Jess and Deelylah did.

0 thoughts on “Monthly Goals Check-In: March 2017

  1. You have some stellar goals for April! And…yes. Get on that Etsy store 😉 I’m extremely happy with my BuJo covers and working to feed my recent washi addiction. LOL.

    1. Bronwyn says:

      I’m so happy you like your covers! I really need to carve out some sewing time. Plus I ow Killian a make-up bag and a cord caddy – lol.

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  3. Pansy Petal says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t these lists guidelines for what you would like to accomplish? So if you accomplish like oh . . . 65% – 75% of the list, isn’t that really good? Especially when you also accomplished stuff not on the list? Sounds like a good month to me. Good job! You Rock!

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