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Ugh. This month, you guys. It’s been a bit of a clusterfuck what with the festival of stress, anxiety, depression having the neurotransmitter equivalent of a kegger in my brain. *sigh*

But, this will eventually pass, right?


(Please feel free to lie convincingly to me, here.)

Anyway, it’s time for the monthly check-in, so let’s see what I promised myself I’d do, shall we?

  • Complete all scheduled blog posts  (Yep. 9 posts including three flash fics.)
  • Complete all scheduled audio preps (Almost. I’ve done 5, but I’ll have 7 done by the end of the month.)
  • Complete all scheduled edits (Almost. Will have both finished by the 30th.)
  • Actually finish the short story (Sigh. Nope.)
  • Figure out what I’m writing next (Also sigh and nope.) 
  • Get my tax crap together (Yes. Thank fuck.)

I did build a new website, so that’s something.

So, for May (how the hell is that possible?!), I plan to:

  • Complete all scheduled blog posts
  • Complete all scheduled audio preps
  • Complete all scheduled edit
  • FINALLY finish the short story
  • Figure out what I’m going to work on when we’re on retreat in 50 Days: 8 Hours: 11 Minutes: 29 Seconds

Be sure to check out Gwen’s post and see what she got up to this month.

3 thoughts on “MONTHLY GOALS CHECK-IN: APRIL 2018

  1. Alex Kourvo says:

    When Dar Williams sang “And February was so long, that it lasted into March,” she was not kidding. It lasted into April this year!

    But brighter days are ahead, figuratively and literally. Hang in there!

  2. Pansy Petal says:

    *hugs* I like and agree with Alex’s comment. February has lasted much too long. But . . . This too will pass. Right? Of course it will. Just look what you have to look forward to – writer’s retreat. What will Jenny and Amanda do this year? Now there is a story for you. 😀

    Really though, I think you are doing very well considering the state of mind. Much better than I. Although, this past week I took on the arduous task of re-arranging my house. I really need my craft stuff all in one place. I am more than half finished with the task. Most of the furniture has been moved. Now I just need to organize all the craft goodies that were spread all over the house. Since I live for organization, this should help the mood greatly. 😀

    See, there is hope. 😛

  3. Gwen Cease says:

    You are Wonder Woman! You accomplished a ton this month. And, yes, I swear, the stupid depression and all the other shit does go away. I wish it would just stay away. Forever.

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