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Join Jenny Trout, Jessica Jarman, and me every Monday at 8pm EST on the hashtag #MerlinClub as we watch Merlin episode by episode. We’ll then post our recaps and thoughts on the episode every Friday.

S01E01 – The Dragon’s Call

S01E02 – Valiant

S01E03 – The Mark of Nimueh

S01E04 – The Poisoned Chalice

S01E05 – Lancelot

S01E06 – A Remedy to Cure All Ills

S01E07 – The Gates of Avalon

S01E08 – The Beginning of the End

S01E09 – Excalibur

S01E10 – The Moment of Truth

S01E11 – The Labyrinth of Gedref

S01E12 – To Kill the King

S01E13 – Le Morte D’Arthur

S02E01 – The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

S02E02 – The Once and Future Queen

S02E03 – The Nightmare Begins

S02E04 – Lancelot and Guinevere

S02E05-06 – Beauty and the Beast 1 & 2

S02E07 – The Witchfinder

S02E08 – The Sins of the Father

S02E09 – The Lady of the Lake

S02E10 – Sweet Dreams

S02E11 – The Witch’s Quickening

S02E12 – The Fires of Idirsholas

S02E13 – The Last Dragonlord

S03E01-02 – The Tears of Uther Pendragon

S03E03 – Goblin’s Gold

S03E04 – Gwaine

S03E05 – The Crystal Cave

S03E06 – The Changeling

S03E07 – The Castle of Fryien

S03E08 – The Eye of the Phoenix

S03E09 – Love in the Time of Dragons

S03E10 – Queen of Hearts

S03E11 – The Sorcerer’s Shadow

S03E12-13 – The Coming of Arthur 1 & 2

S04E01-02 – The Darkest Hour 1 & 2

S04E03 – The Wicked Day

S04E04 – Aithusa

S04E05 – His Father’s Son

S04E06 – A Servant of Two Masters

S04E07 – The Secret Sharer

S04E08 – Lamia

S04E09 – Lancelot du Lac

S04E10 – A Herald of a New Age

S04E11 – The Hunter’s Heart

S04E12-13 – The Sword in the Stone 1 & 2

S05E01-02 – Arthur’s Bane 1 & 2

S05E03 – The Death Song of Uther Pendragon

S05E04 – Another’s Sorrow

S05305 – The Disir

S05E06 – The Dark Tower

S05E07 – A Lesson in Vengeance

S05E08 – The Hollow Queen

S05E09 – With All My Heart

S05E10 – The Kindness of Strangers

S05E11 – The Drawing of the Dark

S05E012-12 – The Diamond of the Day 1 & 2

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