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The episode opens with Arthur learning that Gwen is betraying him with Morgana. Merlin and Gaius convince him that she’s under Morgana’s spell and Merlin does his aging spell and goes to the creepy old lady in the cave – the one with her eyes sewn shut – to find out how to break the spell. Gwen senses that something is wrong with Arthur and there’s some awkwardness.

When he returns to Camelot, Gaius prepares a roofie potion for Gwen, and they drug her and hide her in a wheelbarrow, covered with laundry. Mordred and Gwaine get super nosy and Morderd spots Gwen’s arm flop out from under the sheet.

Merlin and Gaius get her outside the castle walls and meet Arthur where he’s waiting with two horses. They ride toward the Cauldron of Arianrhod, but eventually, they’re forced to walk. Merlin falls down a cliff and Arthur has to go down to save him but gets trapped. Happily, Mordred was nosy and followed them and is able to help.

Unfortunately, Morgana, using Ailthusa, attacks and Merlin has to control Ailthusa with his Dragonlord voice and Mordred confronts Morgana. It doesn’t go well, but Morgana is knocked out.

Merlin uses an aging spell and disguises himself as an old sorceress and helps breaks the spell over Gwen.

The questions!

1.)  If I’d written this episode…That exchange with Gwaine and Mordred being so oddly nosy about what was in the wheelbarrow was strange. And awkward. I would have found a different way to clue Mordred in that Gwen was under the sheets.

2.) The thing I loved/hated most about this episode. I love when Merlin as the old crone refers to himself as “that gangly boy”. Also seriously love the voice Colin Morgan uses when talking to the woman whose eyes are sewn shut. Dear god, I love that voice…  I also adore scrunchy Arthur face.


3.) Something you never noticed about this episode before. @practicalstyl the ridiculously large amount of eggs competing with the fruit on the king’s breakfast table.

4.) Favorite costume. I rather fancy Morgana’s blue and black dress.


5.) Here is some proof of some random head canon I’ve created. Nothing, this week.

6.) What Merthur moment did Jess have the naughtiest thoughts about? I’m going with Arthur rushing to rescue Merlin after he fell of that cliff and got knocked out.

7.) What made Jen lose her shit  – in a good or bad way? Colin Morgan’s sexytimes voice.


Here’s Jess‘ take on the episode,  and here’s Jen’s




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