Bronwyn Green

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A holiday and a hot fling—all good fun. It wasn’t supposed to change everything.

After losing her husband six years ago, Meg Stevens has focused on the day-to-day and being a mother, not sparing a thought for anything beyond—no dates, no excitement, no life other than what she already had. A six-week vacation to London, all but forced on her by her two children, changes all of that. Meg meets the man of her dreams—gorgeous, dominant, and completely on board with a short-term fling—despite the fact he’s far too young for her. 

Nathan Harris is more than a bit curious about the beautiful woman renting the upstairs flat, and once he talks to her, curiosity is quickly replaced by arousal and desire. It doesn’t take long before it’s clear she longs to experience sexual submission, and Nathan finds himself desperate to be the one she submits to. 

Her days spent exploring the city, her nights exploring Nathan and the pleasure submitting to him brings, Meg discovers the trip she’d taken out of obligation has turned into something she doesn’t want to walk away from. However, the life she left behind beckons, and there’s no room there for dreaming of something she can never have.

A shiver skated down Meg’s spine, anticipation burrowing in her stomach as Nathan’s breath whispered over her lips. Her eyes nearly rolled back at the delicious pressure of his fingers on her neck as he held her firmly. 

Then, he took her mouth, and there was no nearly about it—her eyes rolled right back. So much pleasure from a simple touch, a kiss. She should have known, though. The fleeting touches in the pub had been enough to make her yearn, to want more than she had in such a long time. 

“So deep in thought,” he murmured, nipping at her lower lip then sucking on it slowly. “Where are you, right now, love?”

Hands on his chest, she fisted the soft material of the blue sweater he wore. “I’m here with you. If you want me to be.”

“Oh, I want.” His hand dropped from her elbow to palm her ass.  “Come inside with me.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Please.”

He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers with a low groan. After a deep inhale, he straightened and, eyes locked on hers, reached behind to push the door to his apartment open. Hands firm on her ass and neck, he walked backwards, pulling her inside slowly. He was giving her an opportunity to change her mind, she realized. While she appreciated the gesture—really, really she did—she didn’t want slow, she didn’t want questions, and she didn’t want to stop what she’d started or begin to doubt a decision she’d had a hell of a time making in the first place. What she did want? More of his mouth and hands on her. The chance to touch and explore the hard edges of the body she’d seen earlier that day. To feel him against her, surrounding her, and God, inside her. Her pussy clenched, empty and aching, at the thought. 

He let go of her ass to push the door shut, but his grip on her neck remained, like a brand, and she couldn’t deny that she loved it. The weight, the press of his fingers awakened things inside her she’d thought gone and buried long ago. 

Nathan wrapped his arm around her waist and dragged her forward. His fingers shifted slightly, tangled in her hair. She whimpered, relishing the sharp sting as he pulled her head back roughly.  

The hard length of his cock pressed against her belly, and she cursed the layers between them. Even though her coat was open and it was just their clothing, it was too much separating them and she longed to tear the material away, feel him skin to skin.

Bending forward, he settled his lips over her pulse and sucked. With a gasp, she slid her hands up to cradle his head. The soft hair tickled her palms, and the sensation, paired with the pull of his mouth and the smooth glide of his tongue, had her arching toward him, desperate for more. 

Clit pulsing, she shuffled to press her thighs together. A whine lodged in her throat when Nathan shoved a knee between hers, preventing her from finding any sort of relief—however small and inadequate it would have been. 

His forearm slid over the curve of her ass, and he grasped the hem of her skirt. As he pulled the garment up, she held her breath but let it out in a whoosh when he traced the edge of her panties. 

He lifted his head and met her gaze. The vibrant blue of his eyes was nearly eclipsed by the dilated pupils. His grip tightened on her neck, just a moment, before he moved both hands to her hips and pushed her until her back hit the door. She didn’t have time to react or mourn the loss of his touch because he was right there. Pressed against her, roughly pulling her skirt around her waist. He cupped her mound, his warmth seeping through the thin cotton and melding with the heat she radiated.

“Bed?” She could only manage the one word, so lost in what he was doing, what was to come.

“Eventually.” He chuckled, a dark, decadent sound that smoothed over her, sending her even deeper under his spell.