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There’s a spectacular new book out today by a brand new author, Mia Watts. I met Mia a few months ago when we found out we were both taking part in an anthology for Resplendence. Mia was kind enough to let me read an advance copy of her first ever release and it’s freaking amazing!!!

Vampires, Weres, hot men, hot, angry sex, brilliant plot – seriously, what more do you need?!

Do yourself a favor and go here and buy yourself a copy! Right now!!


After twelve years of friendship, Damien is sure he has found The Keeper, the savior of the vampire race, in human form. The werewolves have a prophecy of their own and like Damien, they believe that Dr. Wolfrik Usher is their long-awaited answer.

Rik’s long-avoided attraction to Damien shifts into high gear when the sexual and physical demands of being a changeling wolf besiege his weakened inhibitions. And Damien isn’t sure he can resist the man meant to be a savior. Coming out on top has a whole new meaning as they fight their own biases in the midst of a species war. Whether the physical or sexual battle prevails, will they embrace the darkness or be claimed in its embrace?

0 thoughts on “Know What Happens Today?

  1. Kim Dare says:

    Congratulations, Mia!Claimed by Darkness looks awesome 🙂

  2. Mia Watts says:

    Thanx Kim. Thanx Bron for posting! Got no sleep from nerves and am shit for work today.!!!

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