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I’m a bad blogger. Sigh…it’s true. I’ve just been so wrapped up in this story that pretty much everything else has fallen by the wayside. Which is better, I suppose, than if I were wrapped up in say…repetitive games of mahjong or solitaire or the uncontrollable need to clean my office. Which I’ve promised hubby I’ll do at some point this week. It seems the silly man wants to file taxes and I’ve got to find all my receipts.

So anyway, I’ve been frantically writing and rewriting a story that I started forever ago. It’s going pretty well and I’m excited to see it coming together, but I’m discovering that there just aren’t enough hours in a day as I chant to myself – write faster, write faster, write faster.

It’s times like this that I’d kill for a clone – or at least a stunt double…or that time stop necklace thing from one of the Harry Potter books. Yeah…that’s what I need. Can’t remember what the damn thing was called – but I want one. Was was that thing called? Anyone remember?

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  1. Mia Watts says:

    Don’t know but Twilight Zone had one. Always wanted it.

  2. Caley Greene says:

    Time Turner? Maybe?I so need one of those things too.

  3. Kim Dare says:

    Glad the story is going well. I always take it as a good sign when it wraps you up so tight the real world can’t get in 🙂Harry Potter is still lurking around me to-be-read pile.

  4. The time necklace thingy was even better, because it allowed Hermione to be in two places at once. I could really use one of those this week.

  5. There are some days I’d love to have a time-turner!Sounds like you and Ashley have the same problem!

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