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TEB is doing something kinda nifty – they’re re-releasing individual stories from anthologies as single titles and Moonlit Magic releases today! Here’s the blurb and excerpt.


Brought back to Ireland by her job, American Beckett Matthews jumps at the chance to study an artefact that recently washed ashore on an Irish beach. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the history of the necklace. She’s far less enthused to explore her personal history with the man who found the treasure—her first love.

Kieran Brennan has waited five years for Beckett to finally return to Ireland. When he found the necklace, he knew it was more than a historical find—it was the key to reclaiming the only woman he ever loved. Under a curse from the Faery King, he couldn’t follow her when she’d fled to her home in the States years ago and now in his arms he’ll help her face her fears and return to him.

Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one after Beckett. Denied his tribute, when she fled, Aodhan the Faery King wants to claim her for his own.


Kieran’s hands fell heavy on her shoulders as Aodhan moved closer. The king reached out and trailed a finger along the deep neckline of the ridiculous dress she wore. Shivers raced across her skin at his touch and Kieran stiffened behind her.

“You don’t wish to share your woman with me,” the king finally spoke, addressing Kieran, amusement glinting in his eyes.

“I don’t wish to share her with anyone,” Kieran corrected. “But tonight isn’t about choices, is it?”

Aodhan didn’t answer, he stared at Beckett as if he could strip her with his eyes. Who knew, maybe he could.

For a moment, she worried that they would fight over her. Kieran stroked his hands over her shoulders and up and down her arms, while Aodhan stepped closer.

It was actually going to happen. She was about to be smack in the middle of a threesome. With a freaking audience, no less. She squeezed her thighs together to quell the throbbing ache.

“This is probably a really bad idea,” she whispered.

Aodhan grinned. “If it’s such a bad idea, why are your nipples hard and begging for attention?”

She glanced down at her traitorous breasts. Her nipples poked sharply against the gossamer fabric. “Oh no,” she muttered.

Kieran settled his hands at her waist. “Your body isn’t saying no.”

“My body should be ignored. It has a terrible sense of self-preservation.”

He chuckled, his lips at her ear. “I know I said I didn’t want to share you, but you have no idea how arousing it is to see you trapped between our bodies, his gaze devouring you, desperate to taste you.”

His erection pushed insistently against her bottom as he spoke. “I think he’s craving you as badly as I am.” Sliding his hands forward, he cupped the sides of her breasts and brushed his fingers across her nipples. “I don’t think ignoring your body is the answer.”

She couldn’t keep the whimper of need from escaping. In response, Kieran thrust lightly against her ass, his hard length pulling on the fabric that covered her.

The heat in the other man’s eyes was unmistakable, and his cock began to swell as he leaned forward and took her mouth in a searing kiss, feasting on her mouth. He tasted of vanilla and spice, and she felt giddy—almost drunk off the flavour. He pressed his full weight to her and his cock was trapped between them—hot, hard, throbbing against the softness of her belly.

Just as quickly, he left her lips and began trailing open-mouthed kisses between the valley of her breasts and then up along her neck. With purposeful movements, he slid the dress’ tiny shoulder straps off and down her arms, completely baring her breasts. The cool night air kissed her flesh and pebbled her nipples farther. Aching to be touched, she raised her eyes to meet his and she was lost. Lost to the night sky in those fathomless depths.

Aodhan cupped her breasts. His hands felt so good on her body, she pressed her lips together to keep from groaning aloud. His touch was drugging. Was that even possible? He’d emerged out of the ground—anything was possible at this point.

She leaned back against Kieran’s chest arching into the king’s caress.

“That’s it, Beckett,” he murmured. “Relax.”

Aodhan twisted and pinched her nipples as Kieran cupped her breasts, pushing them forward. The other man took the hint and drew a distended peak into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the aching nub before sucking hard.

Unable to remain still, she drove her fingers through his hair and held his head at her breast.

“More,” she demanded, her voice a strangled whisper. “Harder.”

“Christ,” Kieran breathed in her ear as he loosened the closure on her dress and eased it from her, letting the fabric puddle on the ground around her feet. Pushing his hand between her body and Aodhan’s, he cupped her mound through her panties and she rocked against him.

“You’ve soaked these,” he groaned. He brought his damp fingers to his mouth to suck her essence from them, and she nearly came from the sight. He slid his hand down her body, and shoved his hand into her panties. Parting her dripping folds, he stroked her, causing her to writhe with need.

Far too soon, he pulled his glistening hand from her pussy and held it out to Aodhan. “Taste her,” he growled.

Beckett whimpered as the king gripped Kieran’s wrist and pulled his fingers into his mouth on a groan. Aodhan’s eyes closed as he sucked her juices from her lover’s fingers. She’d never seen anything more erotic. Arousal shook her and as she watched the men, fresh cream dripped down the inside of her thighs.

“More,” the king demanded.

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  1. Excellent! I love this one.

  2. Kris Norris says:

    It was an awesome story… my favourite in the anthology. Way to go…

  3. Mia Watts says:

    Yay! And happy belated release day, Bron. May you rake in the bucks.

  4. Smokin' hot!
    Brava, Brava!

  5. Mary Quast says:

    Hot. Very hot! Excellent!

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