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Today, on the blog we have Kathryn Nolan who I freaking adore, and she’s got a new book out that I also freaking adore. I discovered Kathryn’s books when I was shopping for a shower curtain. But Amazon knew what I really needed. 

Kathryn was gracious enough to hang with me and answer my nosy questions. *settles in* So, let’s get to know Kathryn better. And later, I’ll have a peek at her new book! 

However, you should all be aware. Kathryn has a dark side. I found out this week that she likes…*gasp* Hall and Oates. 

What’s a typical day like for you?

Besides writing, I also own my own consulting small business, providing fundraising and marketing services for nonprofits. So my day is basically all words all the time!

I wake up around 6:00 am and start a pot of coffee. Depending on how much time I have, I try to write 2,000 words (or spend those hours editing a completed draft). Later, I’ll head to a co-working space and complete work for my nonprofit clients or do marketing tasks for my romance novels. I like to end my days with either a yoga class, beers with friends, or exploring Philadelphia with my cute husband.


When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

ALWAYS! From the youngest age I always wrote, although I never conceived of an actual career as a writer until two years ago, when I turned 30. From elementary school through high school, I wrote poetry, stories, books and articles for various school newspapers. I received a small creative writing scholarship to attend Washington College, but dropped creative writing a year in to pursue political science and human rights work.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

When I turned 30, I finally had the courage to fully pursue a life that made me a happier person. Over the course of a year, I wrote and published my first novella (Cuffed), quit my high-stress job, gave away most of my things and moved into a Ford Passenger van with my husband. We spent six months living in Van Morrison and traveling across 18 states – it was absolutely, positively the best six months of my life and my greatest accomplishment.


Do you have any hobbies?

Like most writers, I’m a huge bookworm and I love all genres: fiction, romance, science fiction and fantasy, mystery/thrillers, memoirs, etc. I read it all! I also very committed to a yoga practice and I love bike riding! I’m a big hiker and my husband and I love to camp and hike on the weekends – I’d say our biggest hobby as a couple is being Weekend Warriors. As soon as the weather changes, we’ll spend as many weekends as possible road-tripping in our little van!


Which of your characters would you least want to take a road trip with, and why?

Probably Edward’s father in STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL. He’s cold, overly-critical, completely unaware of social graces, and withholds love and affection from his children. He’d be HORRIBLE on a road trip! What music would we even listen to? He probably hates hilarious podcasts and would only listen to the most boring books on tape. Oh and he’s a giant asshole.


What are some of your writing goals?

I don’t have a specific goal except to just keep writing. I get really emotional when I think about how this was a passion I’d given up so easily when I got to college. Rediscovering that hobby – and now doing it as my career – is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.


What are three of your best writing tips?

#1. Read everything! This is classic ‘writerly advice’ and it’s the truth. The more you read – the more beautiful language you take in and process – the easier the words will flow onto the page.

#2. Quiet the mind: While living in the van we had limited access to TV and the internet, and often spent hours and hours in the woods, hiking. I’ve never had so many ideas for books in my life! Without distraction, I think your brain increases its ability to tap into your creative, childlike imagination. Lets you explore without judgement, which is immensely helpful in brainstorming and noodling out tricky plot issues. (This also includes breaks from social media – as hard as it can be – because it can limit that sense of imposter syndrome, which can be very crippling when you’re writing).

#3. Read Anne Lamott’s ‘Bird by Bird: just do it! My all-time writing bible!

#4. Do it every single day: I do taking writing breaks – it’s important – but I see writing as a habit and a muscle that you flex the way you would any other muscle. The more you work it, the easier it gets. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have Bad Writing Days (I have them all the time) but just that your brain will respond to the habit. For me, at 6:00 am, with a cup of coffee and a quiet house – even if I’m tired, even if I’m overwhelmed, I have to write. There is no other wishful thinking or inspiration needed. You just….have to do it.


Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you listen to?

No music with words – I’ll just end up typing the lyrics – but I do love Harry Potter Study Sounds on Youtube (AMAZING!!) and any kind of Focus app that provides white noise (like ocean waves or forest sounds).


What’s your favorite word?

Divine, ethereal, languorous, transformation, serendipity, knick-knack, sticky-wicket, illustrious, universe, galaxy, illuminate etc. etc. etc. (I love words!)


What’s your least favorite word?

Can I say the phrase “touch base”? I have worked in the nonprofit industry my entire career and the amount of meetings I sat in that seemingly went on for an entire millennia were always about needing to “touch base” about something.


What’s your favorite curse word?

Fuck! Always and forever.


What sound do you love?

All nature sounds ‘cause I’m a nature girl! Bird song, wind in the trees, thunderstorms, ocean waves, creeks in the woods, rivers. I’m also a big fan of good music!


What sound do you hate?

Corduroy brushing together! Arrgghhh! Growing up in the 90s I couldn’t stand being put in those corduroy OshKosh overalls!


Dog or cat person?



City or country?



Morning or night person?

Morning all the way! I think the mornings are just the most beautiful thing in the entire damn universe.


Introvert or extrovert?

SUPER EXTROVERT! I love people, talking to people, being around people, long conversations, small talk, etc. etc. I do, however, have the ability to be by myself and have ‘alone’ time, and after doing a ton of social things I really need that.


What do you like best about writing?

That writer’s high, when you read back what you wrote and every single fiber of your being sings ‘this is magnificent!!’ The development of characters (especially their flaws and vulnerabilities). Crafting a scene with really intensely drawn out sexual tension (goosebumps!). And on and on and on….


What do you like least?

ACTUALLY WRITING. No, I’m mostly kidding 😊 The hardest part of writing, for me, is working through the bad feelings that come from having a Bad Writing Day. Working through Imposter Syndrome.


What was your favorite childhood book?

The BFG!


Let’s take a look at Kathryn’s latest release, STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL. Full disclosure, I got a chance to read the ARC, and I adored it.


Strictly Professional is your most recent release. What can you tell us about it?  How did the idea come to you?


I write short pieces of erotica in my Facebook group, The Hippie Chicks, and I had the idea for a short piece about a man in a suit (I can’t remember why). And I love the ‘opposites attract’ trope, so as I conceived of this suited-up man, I started to think of his total opposite. A fancy, polite, wealthy man in a suit (Edward) began to take place next to a scowling, punky, bad-ass tattoo artist (Roxy). I thought it would be interesting to have them meet under strange circumstances, so I made Edward recently dumped (as in, that night) and Roxy trying to talk him out of getting a ‘break up’ tattoo at her parlor.

….the rest is history!


What do you like best about Edward?

What I loved best about Edward was his desire to help Roxy achieve her dreams – he saw the best in her, always. And I loved Edward’s yearning to be better than his parents – better than his upbringing.

What do you like best about Roxy?

Roxy loves big: she loves her parents and her sister; she loves her employees; she loves hot sex and tattoos and rescuing dogs and cats. She’s a Big Beautiful Heart and I loved that about her.


What other characters in your story are you especially fond of? Why?

I love side characters, and I adored Fiona (Roxy’s little sister) and Elliott (Edward’s best friend) who both serve very crucial roles in their story and character growth.


Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to write? If so, how?

I hate writing the break-up scene. So much! And I cried writing this one because I was just SO SAD about it! (Luckily, they get their HEA in the end!)


If you were to cast your book as a movie, who would you choose to play your characters?

Ooooh! Tom Hiddleston as Edward of course! And maybe….Ruby Rose (with white blonde hair) as Roxy?


What’s up next for you?

I’m working on my WIP right now (4,000 words in and I hate every one of them! #WritersLife) and I’ll be coming out with an anthology of short erotica in December!


What would you most like readers to know about you and your books?

I’m so appreciative of the amazing support I receive from my readers every day. They really champion my books everywhere and I honestly would not be as successful as I am without them.



What have you accomplished with your business school mentor so far?

  1. 1. Developed a strategic marketing plan.
    Pined for him.
    3. Denied my feelings for him.
    4. Dragged him into an alley and had my way with him.

Roxy Quinn thought she’d never see Edward Cavendish III again. The wealthy, English hotelier had wandered into her tattoo parlor, slightly drunk and broken-hearted. Roxy judged him on the spot: too polite and reserved for her punk-rock tastes. But Edward was more than just a handsome stranger with a sexy accent.

He was a man desperate to unleash his secret desires. After a night of exquisite passion, Roxy sends Edward back into the night. She has no time to be tempted by his charming wit when her business is failing and she’s struggling with her MBA classes. Besides, they couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

After a lifetime trapped in his parents’ legacy, Edward remembers his night with the tattooed, scowling vixen as glorious freedom. But it’s not freedom he needs now. It’s to find the right wife so he can finally take charge of the hotel he loves. Roxy, with her ripped stockings and secret piercings, is not the kind of wife that would fulfill the terms of his trust fund.

Months after their memorable one-night stand, Edward and Roxy are paired up in a business school mentoring program where they must maintain a strictly professional relationship for the semester.

With the future of Roxy’s business and Edward’s inheritance at stake, can they do it? Or will they surrender to their desires, risking everything?


And here’s a particularly delightful excerpt:


Edward laughed darkly. “I concur with your analysis.” Then he walked behind his long, sleek desk. Sat down in the chair and leaned back, looking like royalty. “Up on my desk, love.”

What?” I asked, looking around. We were alone, of course, the only windows facing the city skyline.

“Crawl up onto the table,” he said, “and don’t make me repeat myself again.”

The night we met, I’d teased and taunted the dominant side of Edward that he’d suppressed his entire life—poked and prodded until he’d snapped, twisting his fingers in my hair and forcing me to my knees.

This was the side of Edward I’d craved these past months. He’d appeared last night, fucking me against that alley wall like his life depended on it. And now here he was again, although I was wary.

Unsure of what punishment I was facing.

Edward looked down at his watch. Then back up at me.

“Yes, sir,” I said, crawling up onto his desk, mimicking the fantasy I’d had in the beginning of this meeting.

I was on my hands and knees, eyes locked on Edward’s. He gave me a cool assessment, approving. Nodded, then crooked a finger at me. “Come.”

I came. Crawling like a supplicant to the edge of his desk. Some part of me understood this as a pivotal moment between us—a changing. And the longer I was on my hands and knees, the hungrier I became.

And Edward, leaning back, considering me with a neutral expression. Although the tic in his jaw gave him away.

That and his erection, visibly pressing against his suit pants.

“Sit,” he said, patting the space in front of him. I slid my legs around until they dangled over the edge. Legs closed like a good girl. He laid his palms on my knees, squeezing.

“Did I make you upset?” I asked, surprised when I heard my voice shaking.

Edward’s expression broke for the merest of seconds before hardening again. “Quite the opposite, Roxy darling. Quite the opposite.” He peeled my knees open, slow as molasses, letting the cool air caress my inner thighs. “You know those two Board members have been a thorn in my side for months now. Total fuckheads, as you saw. And you, my love,” he said, pausing to press a reverent kiss on the inside of my thigh, “frightened them into silence.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, and he stilled. Eyes on mine as his mouth hovered near my skin.

“You’re sorry?” he growled, yanking me closer. My ass hit the edge of the table. “Sorry for what? Sorry for roaring into my life like a fucking hurricane? Sorry for up-ending everything I thought I knew I wanted? Sorry for standing up for me all the times I needed you to?” His fingers climbed higher, curling into my underwear and pulling it down my legs. I felt suspended in time, a moment so vitally alive it couldn’t possibly be real. Edward leaned forward, head beneath my skirt, and gave my clit a long, broad lick.

“Oh my God,” I sighed, smile breaking across my face.

“Don’t you ever apologize for being who you are,” Edward growled again. “It doesn’t fit you.”

“That’s true,” I said, twisting my fingers in Edward’s hair. Pulling him back into my pussy. “All hail.”

“You want to use me, love?” Edward hissed, fingers coming around to bruise my ass. Spreading me further. “Because I think I could be quite happy being your fuck toy.”

I smiled languidly, loving the push-pull of Edward’s sexuality. Such a dual desire to submit and dominate at the same time. It was addictive, letting myself be both with him.

“I thought I was being punished,” I said, stroking his cheek. One of his long fingers was teasing against my pussy, dipping in and out. His thumb was pressing against my ass. Tempting.

“While the thought of punishing you is quite captivating, love,” he said, breaching both openings in my body at the same time, “my intent was to reward you.”

His finger curled; his thumb pushed, and then his tongue landed on my clit again. I squealed, attempting to close my legs against his head, but he snarled a warning against my skin, and I stopped. Spread my legs further.

“Then don’t stop until I come,” I commanded softly, our eyes connected for one blazing second before he dived between my legs. Filling me everywhere, a blurred dance of tongue and fingers and thumb. His tongue twisted and lapped, taking me right to the edge and back again. Kept me suspended in limbo, balanced between orgasm and relief. I moaned against my own hand, aware of an entire hotel filled with staff and guests scurrying outside, the threat of getting caught sending the most delicious thrill up my spine.

And even sexier than the scenery, the table, my spread legs was the sounds Edward made against my wet cunt—this delicate, incessant groaning like he was moments from coming himself.

“Edward,” I whimpered, back arching off the table. Tears in my eyes. “Edward, I can’t… I think… God please…” because I was moments away from shattering into a million pieces, and there was no way I wasn’t going to scream this hotel down. Let every single person in this fucking place know that Edward Cavendish III was tonguing me to a glorious climax.



$2.99 this week (before the price goes up on Friday) and free in Kindle Unlimited


Author Bio

I’m an adventurous hippie chick that loves to write steamy romance. My specialty is slow-burn sexual tension (aka “The Goddess”), with plenty of witty dialogue and tons of heart.

I started my writing career in elementary school, writing about Star Wars and Harry Potter and inventing love stories in my journals.

I blame my obsession with slow-burn on my similar obsession for The X-Files.

I’m a born-and-raised Philly girl, but left for Northern California right after college, where I met my adorably-bearded husband. After living there for eight years, we decided to embark on an epic, six-month road trip, traveling across the country with our little van, Van Morrison. Eighteen states and 17,000 miles later, we’re back in my hometown of Philadelphia for a bit…but I know the next adventure is just around the corner.

When I’m not spending the (early) mornings writing steamy love scenes with a strong cup of coffee, you can find me outdoors — hiking, camping, traveling, yoga-ing.

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