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This week, the Random Wednesday bloggers are blogging about the first five things we’d buy if we won a million dollars. 
I’m gonna warn you, if you’re hoping for whimsical, you’re probably not going to find it here, because if I had a million bucks, some damn practical things would happen. Which, to be fair, is unusual for me.
1. I’d buy a house in the country where I could actually see the stars at night and also have a fire pit. I miss things like stars, fires at night, and being far enough away from my neighbors that I don’t have to hear them scream at each other and their kids all day and night.
2. I’d pay off Killian’s current student loans and pay for the rest of his and Corwin’s schooling so they could move on without a mountain of debt. 
3. I’d take my family on a long-ass trip to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. It’s my dream trip, and I’d do it in a heartbeat. 
4. I’d pay off my mom’s house and bills so she could enjoy retirement. She’s so done so much for all of us kids, and that way she could just spin and dye wool, knit, and play in her garden.
5. Oh…I guess I *do* have a whimsical thing I’d do. I’d buy a 1960s VW microbus and pay someone to restore it (and update it – sorry, but I need air conditioning and Bluetooth for my music) and take tons of road trips in it.
I’m curious to see what everyone else would do. Click their names to find out! 

0 thoughts on “If I Won a Million Dollars…

  1. MissyMonster says:

    After I 1. paid off my bills and my parents and sister's bills. And helped a few friends 2. I would put up some money for retirement. 3. Travel travel travel (including AAD this year) A trip to Scotland and Ireland is definitely in there. Also back to San Francisco. Oh and a cruise. Yeah Travel! 4. I'd buy a home in New Orleans French Quarter. Not to live there but to visit as often as I want. 5. I can't say I'd actually build a house. I have a wonderfully newly remodeled trailer and yes it's a trailer but I love love love what we've done. So perhaps I should say I would build a party house. Nothing too big. Some place to gather with my friends and drink perhaps play some pool and perhaps have a pool. I'd have to save some money for building a house later though. Damn I'll end up living in my party house won't I?

  2. I would love to ride around in your VW bus. I think that would be so much fun!!!!

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