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Conversation overheard thanks to the wonders of Skype and broken headphones/mic rig.

Corwin: (also known as my son)  *playing some kind of elaborate Minecraft mod that allows players to be werewolves and vampires, and have spouses and children*

Corwin’s Friend: You procreated. What’s your kid’s name?

Corwin: Phillip. *pauses a beat* My son! Look at my son!

Corwin’s Friend: Is pride the word you’re looking for?

Corwin: No. There is so much more inside me now.

Corwin’s Friend: Careful, Phillip’s gonna be lunch for that vamp.

Corwin: As long as he doesn’t die in a senseless duel defending my nonexistent honor.


0 thoughts on “How to tell that your child and his friends may have listened to Hamilton a few too many times.

  1. Patricia Kiyono says:

    Ha! Awesome. He will never be one to fade into a crowd.

  2. You’re totally going to believe this but, I’m listening to Hamilton right now because it’s one of those days. Hamilton is the best thing ever. Much like your kids 🙂

    Shosh isn’t at Hamilton understanding level yet. But we had a Moana moment:

    Shosh came into our bedroom after she brushed her teeth and said, “Mom. I actually don’t know what is inside those coconuts. The ones in Moana. I don’t know what’s in side of them. I know they have holes for eyes and they make faces with their hands but, I don’t know what is inside of them”

    I responded, “I’m not sure what is inside of them. I don’t think they are real coconuts. Coconuts don’t have hands.”

    She thought about it for a second and then said, “Oh, right.” and when to her room to change.

  3. Gwen Cease says:

    I love your kids! And as soon as I read this conversation, my mind immediately went to Hamilton.

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