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The first week of school is almost over and so far, so good.

I can’t quite believe it, but Killian, my oldest started high school on Tuesday. I swear it was just a month ago that I tearfully sent him off to kindergarten and now suddenly he’s a high school freshman. High. School. How is that even possible? So far, he’s loving it. One of his first assignments was to write about an important lesson that he’d learned. He chose to write about Karma – I was delighted. I’m interested to see what kind of a grade he gets on it.

My youngest, Corwin, just started fifth grade. He’s had a bit of a rough summer. He had to get glasses and braces within several weeks of each other, but he’s kept a pretty positive attitude about things. He’s excited to be back in class with his friends, but he did mention that he hopes his table mate doesn’t bring cow tongue sandwiches this year. GUH! I don’t blame him! He and his friends have started planning their Halloween costumes already. He’s also planning his first snow fort of the season – in great detail. He’s got diagrams and maps and attack and escape routes. I just hope we get enough snow for him to build it all.

My baby sister, Caitlin, just started her senior year of college. I can still hear her little three year old voice announcing that my wedding was “booooooooooooooorrrrrring” and that she had to “peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee right now!” during the ceremony. (Think lots of marble and high, vaulted ceilings – I think everyone heard that she had to go.) I’m not sure how enough time has passed that she’s gone from a flower girl to a soon-to-be college graduate, but it has.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day insanity of life, I forget to stop and just enjoy the people around me. I know it’s a cliche, but time really does go fast — except when you’re in a traffic jam and you have to pee, but other than that, it seems like it whips by at warp speed. I hope that I remember these present moments with the people that I love as well as I remember the past ones.

Time to make some new memories and write another book.

0 thoughts on “How did this happen?

  1. Ashley Ladd says:

    Your sister sounded adorable during your wedding. My youngest will start high school next year. My second youngest is a senior in high school this year. Time flies.

  2. Sandra Cox says:

    Isn’t that the truth? In a blink, your babies have grown up. sigh.

  3. My hubby’s youngest nephew made noises all through our wedding, and he also started college about a week ago!Yep..we are getting ready to college-shop for my oldest. He’s got his heart set on Purdue, but he needs a back-up plan just in case!

  4. Kelly Kirch says:

    *snort*“except when you’re in a traffic jam and you have to pee”I feel ya, sister.

  5. I also don’t know how this happened. I blink, they grow an inch. Note to self: stop blinking.

  6. Anny Cook says:

    My oldest will be 39 next month. One. Year. Short. Of. 40!!! Gahhhhh! Baby just turned 30!!! Oh, no! I’m getting old!Heh. Enjoy all the minutes. They definitely pass swiftly.

  7. Sandra Cox says:

    Just stoppin’ by to say, Hey bud:)

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