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Yes…it’s March 14th or 3.14 and Killian’s math teacher has decided they would celebrate Pi day with pie. So last night, I peeled three pounds of apples, made dough and the boy and I made two apple pies. All the eigth graders will be feasting on pie, pie and more pie today.

We had a lot of fun until the canister of brown sugar got upended on the dining room floor…but it wasn’t the end of the world and it was still an easier clean-up than earlier in the evening when Corwin managed to dump the pitcher of iced tea on the kitchen floor. It was kind of a klutzy sort of night. You can definitely tell those kids are mine!

After the baking extravaganza was done I went to a fun TEB chat at Night Owl…busy busy night. Tonight, I’ll be working on a pirate ship shaped cake for Corwin’s birthday party tomorrow. Not at all sure how I’m going to accomplish that, but if it turns out, I’ll post a picture.

Have a wonderful Friday and if you get a chance, have some pie. πŸ˜‰

0 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Kelly Kirch says:

    Bron deary, clever project and certainly must have been fun. But there’s this saying, “we eat with our eyes first”. Don’t cut me a piece. LOL.

  2. I want to attend a pie day party! My teachers were never this fun.From now on, we will celebrate March 14 as pie day at casa Yang.Way more fun that that irish-patty thing that is coming up in a few days. Forget the corned beef. Pass the apple pie!

  3. When will we see you on Ace of Cakes, ha ha? Seriously, looking forward to seeing yourcreation tomorrow!

  4. Pie day sounds wonderful, although I only eat chocolate cream pie…

  5. You are quite the domestic goddess. Who knew people made pies? And,they’re not always found at the pie shop…interesting.

  6. Smut Girl says:

    Look at that! That is awesome. Damn. Now I want apple pie. Yum-O. πŸ™‚xoxoSommer

  7. Anny Cook says:

    Apple pie. Yummy. Kelly, close your eyes, girl.

  8. Lyn Cash says:

    What an interesting teacher! (and inventive mother) I lurve apple pie.

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