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Halloween Costume Update:

Wendy Darling, Tinker Thug…I mean Tinker Bell and the Goth Gypsy are done, as is the emergency replacement Dorothy Gale blouse.

The Dwarf has suddenly morphed into an executioner – or a ‘headsman’ as my child so quaintly calls it – and should require virtually no sewing.

The weird Naruto anime thing is partially cut out, but I have to go back to the fabric store to get more pieces and parts and I haven’t even cut out the Vampire Princess yet.

Unfortunately, I got hit with the stomach flu last night so sewing today ought to be…um…interesting, to say the least. Sigh…it couldn’t have waited ’til Thursday?

0 thoughts on “Half Way There

  1. Anny Cook says:

    Nah… flu waits for no man or woman. It just arrives unannounced and uninvited and instantly wears out its welcome.

  2. Ditto…go to Walmart woman, and buy the rest of the costmes! But first go to bed and heal thyself…or in this case, let it run its course? I know…impossible with a housefull of kids!Sending healing thoughts your way:)

  3. Really, there ought to be a law. Mothers (and aunts) should not be allowed to kill themselves for the sake of Halloween costumes. Go to the blooming store, woman. Your kids will survive. More importantly, YOU will survive!

  4. wow, you lot certainly go all out for Halloween..and for one day of the year…bizarro world. But if it makes you happy….

  5. Kelly Kirch says:

    The local school has a clothing shelf. They clean all the clothes and only put out the good stuff they get. That’s where my kids went for their dress up stuff. J was Hermione from Harry Potter and P was Cleopatra. No money spent and they were thrilled inventing their own costumes. Good thing as I do not sew.

  6. Caley Greene says:

    HOpe you feel better soon. Lots of luck with the costumes. I got out of Halloween sewing free this year — mine’s going as a ghost – the one with a sheet and a couple of eyes cut out…

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