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This month’s flash fiction is called  “Towers Fall into the Sea” by Clock and Clouds, who I adore. You can listen to it up above. And since it’s an instrumental, there are no lyrics to link to. But if you like this, I highly encourage you to check out more of their music. 


Felicity bounced on the corner of her friend’s bed. “Brooklyn, let’s go outside. There are robins hatching in the nest in the porch rafters.”

She continued to read, not even bothering to acknowledge that Felicity had spoken.


She didn’t even glance up.

Felicity waved her hand in front of the other girl’s face.


She grabbed Brooklyn’s shoulders and shook her. The sudden chill that shivered along her limbs was the only indication she’d felt anything at all.

Tears burned Felicity’s eyes. It couldn’t be happening again. Not so soon after she’d lost her last friend. Britney, Brooklyn’s older sister, had been her playmate for years, but she’d moved on, and it seemed Brooklyn had too. Just like all the other children before her.

Once, she’d tried to keep one of them with her. It hadn’t taken much. A dare to slide on the ice-covered pond–the ice that had been far too thin to hold his weight. She’d succeeded. She’d kept Anthony with her. But he never spoke to her. He just hovered in the corners of rooms, glaring at her and shivering–his skin blue and his eyes hard. No, she wouldn’t make that mistake again.

The bedroom door creaked open, and Felicity whirled toward the sound, Brooklyn barely looked up, though.

“C’mon,” Brooklyn’s mother said. “Time for your piano lesson.”

The girl rolled her eyes and folded a page in her book before closing it and leaving it on her bed.

Her mom glanced around the room after Brooklyn exited, squinting at the bed. For a moment, Felicity wondered if the woman could see her, but just as quickly, she turned away, absently rubbing her growing stomach.

Soon, there would be someone new in the house to play with.

That’s it for me today. Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ stories. 

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2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #91 – Towers Fall Into the Sea

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    OMG!!! That was awesome and gave me the shivers.

  2. Siobhan Muir says:

    Oh now that’s really spooky. Great flash, Bronwyn.

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