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“Seriously, Skyler? A field? We’re doing homecoming pictures in a field?

Skyler rolled her eyes. “Yes, in a field. It’s autumn. We want the photos to look all moody and spooky.”

Josh sighed. “Well, we need to hurry. We’re supposed to meet the others at the restaurant and our reservations are at six-thirty.” If Skyler wanted to play goth princess, he’d go along with it. The things he did to get laid.

They continued walking through the dried grass and dead plants. He was surprised she wasn’t flipping shit about all of the burs clinging to her dress.

“You need to hold my hand up higher. Like you’re leading me into a ball.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. You’re taking this way too seriously.”

She glared at him. “I want a spot in the homecoming section of the yearbook.”

Sighed again, Josh lifted her hand higher. “Where the hell is the photographer, anyway?”

She nodded toward the treeline. “Over there, taking pictures of our approach. Now, look regal.”

He glanced in the direction she’d indicated and thought he saw a couple flashes of silver. Light off the photographer’s lens, he supposed. At least, the dude was out there doing his job.

The quicker they got this part of the evening over with, the quicker he’d get in her pants. Pants she’d been hanging onto far too tightly. But tonight was the night. He could feel it. After all, he was taking her to a stupid dance, an expensive dinner, and he was doing fuck knew what in this field. She owed him.

Skyler looked at him and smiled.

Yeah. He was getting his, tonight.

They drew closer to the woods, and he thought he saw movement beyond the tree trunks. “Is there someone back there?”

“Just some friends I asked to help with the shoot.”


She turned that smile on him again. “No one you know. They don’t go here.”

“You’re really going all out. I didn’t realize getting in the yearbook was that important to you.”

She released his hand. “There are a lot of things you don’t realize about me.”

“I realize you’re gorgeous. That counts for something, right?”

Her smile widened, and sudden chills skated down his spine.

“Of course, it does,” she said, leading him into a clearing in the woods. “It means you were just that much easier to catch.”

His brow furrowed, and he was about to ask her what she meant, but as he opened his mouth, black-garbed figures stepped into the clearing, surrounding them. He reached for her hand but ended up grasping only empty air.

Glancing around, he spotted Skyler walking toward a tall figure standing beneath an oak tree whose dried, brown leaves clung stubbornly to its branches. In the breeze, the leaves rubbed together sounding like the chittering of hundreds of tiny animals. The person beneath the tree looked directly at Josh, and in the waning light, he could make out a huge crown of antlers on the woman’s head.

What the fuck? 

“Skyler,” he called out. She ignored him and kept moving. He took a step toward her and the figure under the tree held out her hand, freezing him in place.

“Your assistance is not required.”

As he watched, Skyler knelt down in front of the creepy antler lady.

“I’ve brought you the human child you require.”

Human child. They didn’t have a kid with them. What was she talking about? Maybe they were in some kind of trouble and Skyler was trying to talk their way out?

The antler woman stepped away from the shadow of the tree and approached Josh. She was hot in an older MILF kinda way, he supposed. Reaching out, she stroked a cool hand along his jaw.

“You’ve done well, daughter. He will do nicely.” She glanced away from Josh toward the other people around the edges of the clearing. “Bring him.”

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  1. Pansy Petal says:

    AGAIN! You have me hooked! But . . . Who are they? What are they going to do with the “child?” Frankly, he probably deserves everything he is about to get but . . . What is it? *sigh* Frustration. You are good at that. Thank you very much! 😀

    1. Bronwyn says:


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